Topic: Tell Us How An Education At Monroe College Will Benefit You

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Topic: Tell Us How An Education At Monroe College Will Benefit You


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Title: Tell us how an education at Monroe College will benefit you.
I plan on taking full advantage of a course in `Criminal Justice" to educate myself. I know Monroe will provide me to have a career in Crime and Intelligence which I can later delve into something even more formidable such as being a Criminal Investigator. Taking up courses at Monroe in criminology, physcology, sociology, human resources, information technology, journalism, law, and or visual arts will be a great striving beneficial commodity that will guide me to strive and gain the experience I need in each curriculumn as well as having the privilege to apply and accept an internship with the Federal Beauru of Investigation law enforcement for experience in becoming an analyst amongst other potential positions that seek my interest. The experience to work in Intelligence , how to help and serve people in need , working on case files and projects more so than to gain the notoriety and credit. I also plan on gaining the full student teacher hands on experience at Monroe as well as online if the option both applies if not I will be comfortable with just applying to either option., I plan on spending my time in classes and or independently online as well as taking up tutoring to better comprehend each curriculum to help receive a gpa of exactly 2.95 or more to be accepted into the FBI honors internship program with recommendations for future hire and to become better acquainted with what it means to become the law or part of it depending on what my position will be and how to protect and serve fairly and righteous in a world that has a love/hate relationship with how it is being maintained and by working to build a better, brighter, safer, trusting, respectful, and loving future for every man, woman, and child of tomorrow. It begins by caring no matter who or what that person looks like and that is why I know having an education at Monroe will help pave the way and benefit me in my future endeavor of succeeding in Law Enforcement.


Benefits of Studying at Monroe



Monroe College is an institution with a great reputation. Its prowess in nurturing skill is one thing that cannot be questioned. It has taken into consideration issues from a global perspective, and its flexibility in curriculum forms its basis of attraction. It is also fascinating in that it offers an environment that is conducive for collaboration learning. Besides that, there are study abroad opportunities


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