Topic: Television Rhetorical Paper: Black-ish Season 2 Episode 40

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Topic: Television Rhetorical Paper: Black-ish Season 2 Episode 40


During this assignment you will focus on one television program for analysis. During your analysis, you will attempt to identify the persona of a program and to what audience it appeals. You may choose a program that shows regularly on any station`s lineup. If you choose a show that is no longer on your aim should be to discover why it is no longer on television. This should be written in formal, academic style following an appropriate format MLA. There are several issues to think about when you plan your paper.
•Who is the perspective audience of this program?
•Is there a myth, that show propagates?
•What are the ideologies (system of ideas) that your show reinforces, and are there competing ideologies?
•Does this program fulfill a basic human need?
•Does it for into a particular genre of television?
•How does the producer get people to watch this particular program?
•Keep in mind the time the program airs. If it is cancelled or discontinued program, attempt to identify when it did show.
The paper is not about answering these questions, but they can be a jump staters to something for you. Make sure you craft a killer thesis statement.
Essentially, you`re making an argument about a tv show. This is not a history of the show or a review of it. Leave that to the to guide. You`re crafting a thesis statement, similar to one of the samples I provide in the files attached. Plan the thesis and then the sub-arguments that are necessary to prove your point. Please pick a tv show. I wanted you to pick a tv show to write about if you can`t I will pick one but I thought it would be easier at this point for you to choose one. Once you pick a tv show make sure the title is on top of the paper.
This paper has to be 4 pages and doubled spaced has to be MlA formatting.
It must say Lopez and page numbers on right upper side.
It must say on left side name Alyssa Lopez 
Must say course title English 101
Professor Hilton
It must have a title.
Please make sure the writer knows they have to pick a television show I put it in there they needed to they to pick one show.


Alyssa Lopez:

Professor Hilton:

English 101:


Black-ish Season 2 Episode 40

The issue of race has gained prominence in modern day America. The election of the former president, was heralded as a pivotal moment in race relation. Where the black man would rise to enjoy equal prominence with other races in America. However, recent development have noted that this has not been the case. Noting, issues such as police shootings of black unarmed teenagers have reignited debate. Pop culture and particularly TV productions have the capability of dissecting issues affecting the US in startling detail. Where their recording over a long period of time allows script writer to tailor the programs to reflect the ongoing social debate. The paper thus, will conduct an examination of the state of race relations in the United States with specific reference to the black community. As part of this empirical analysis, the paper will analyze the show Black-ish. The focus will be onepisode 40 o


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