Topic: Statistics Project: “Standard” Normal Distribution

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Topic: Statistics Project: “Standard” Normal Distribution


MATH 106 Statistics Project Instructions (Revised May 2016)
For this assignment, you will implement a project involving statistical procedures. The topic may
be something that is related to your work, a hobby, or something you found interesting. If you
choose, you may use the example described below.
The project is made of the following tasks. Each task must be addressed in the statistics project
report in order to qualify for full credit:
- Task 1: identify:
o Yourself (student’s name)
o name of project
o purpose of project
- Task 2: Conduct Data Collection. Provide:
o Raw data used (sample size must be at least 10 individual raw scores)
o source of the data
- Task 3: Calculate Measures of Central Tendency and Variability:
o median, sample mean, range, sample variance, and sample standard deviation
(show work)
- Task 4: Frequency Distribution. Provide
o Raw data in frequency table format (1 st column of value “intervals”, and 2 nd
column shows “frequency”: number of scores falling within each interval)
- Task 5: Histogram:
o Create histogram using frequency table constructed in Task 4
o NOT a vertical bar chart!
o x – axis must show intervals, y – axis must show frequencies
- Task 6: Compare Raw Data Distribution to “Standard” Normal Distribution. Using your
raw data gathered in Task 2 and the sample mean and sample standard deviation
calculated in Task 3, calculate:
o percentage of your raw data falling within one standard deviation of the mean;
o percentage of your raw data falling within two standard deviations of the mean;
o percentage of your raw data falling within three standard deviations of the mean


Statistics Project
Task 1
Name of project: Data on time spent driving to and from work
Purpose of project: To understand the data description of time spent driving 

Task 2 Data collection 
DayTime in minutes1372403504335426387398359471033
I recorded spent data in 10 different days
Task 3 Calculate Measures of Central Tendency and Variability:
Rearranging the data: 33,33,35,37,38,39,40,42,47,50
Median is (38+39)/ 2= 38.5
Sample mean
Mean = Σ/n=394/10=39.4



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