Topic: Situation Analysis on Jeep Cherokee Automobiles

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Topic: Situation Analysis on Jeep Cherokee Automobiles


Principles of Marketing......
Based on what you`ve learned so far in this course, Regarding the 5 Cs, 4Ps. and STP, complete the assessment questions below. 
I choose Jeep Cherokee Automoibles. 
1. Customers
Who are the current customers/users? Include information related to demographics, psychographics and buying behavior, price sensitivity, customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
For example: You could include information such as whether the brand is trying to appeal to a certain social or cultural group and how customers perceive the product/brand. It`s also possible to include demographic information related to: age, educational attainment, geographic area, gender, race, employment status and/or home ownership. Additionally, you can discuss psychographic information which includes those attributes that relate to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles of people. This area is also related to situational life stages as well as customer beliefs, and how customers want to see themselves and be perceived. Some examples of psychographic groups include video gamers, soccer moms, sports fanatics, hipsters, and single moms. Life cycle stages include: retirees, new homeowners, college students and new parents. Be aware that some products/brands may appeal to a wider customer base than others.
[Insert response]
What do the customers buy/use? 
[Insert response]
What changes can the company/brand expect in the future? How can the company/brand better serve its customers? Include information about potential opportunities and threats.
For example, you could include information about the current demand for the product/brand, and how it is changing or has changed including possible variations or modifications in the future. You may also determine/discuss if the brand/company can take advantage or has taken advantage of the changes. It`s also possible to consider and talk about whether the product/brand is a less expensive substitute, perhaps, or maybe a product/brand that is easier to use with more features. 
[Insert response]
2. Company
[This is what the brand is currently.] 
Identify strengths and weaknesses of the company/brand as it exists today. What does the company/brand do well and not so well at this very moment?
[Insert response]
[This is what the company/brand needs to become.]
How can the company/brand improve its weaknesses and maintain or grow its strengths? Suggest how the company/brand can improve upon the things it does well and not so well.
[Insert response]
3. Context
Define the current business environment. Include information about political, legal, economic technological and societal factors that may influence sales.
For example: You could perhaps discuss the current trends and conditions for this Industry and for the brand. It`s possible to include information about how the Economy affects this industry. This could include changes in income: are people losing jobs, or getting paid more? Changes in spending habits could be considered as well. Other factors such as use of public transportation and shopping online may also be relevant. Whether or not the product is high-tech, or state-of-the-art can be also be included in describing the context. For example, are there other companies producing new versions of the product? Is the market changing quickly? How is technology affecting this product or service? Are there any new laws that may affect the brand?
[Insert response]
4. Collaborators
Define the business partnerships. Does the company/brand have any current partnerships? What other company/brand may be a good partner for them?
[Insert response] 
Grading Rubric.........
Thorougly analyzed the customer base of the company as indicated in the provided Template
Thoroughly analyzed the companys current situation as indicated in the provided templete
Thoroughly examined the context of the company as indicated in the provided templete
Thoroughly defined the collaborators of the company as indicatedin the provided template
Thoroughly defined the competitors of the company as indicated in the provided 
Thoroughly suggested three (3) recommendations on the provided template regarding what the company should become. 


Situation Analysis


Institution of affiliation


Situation Analysis- Jeep Cherokee Automobiles

1 Customers

The Jeep Cherokee is a crossover SUV produced under the Jeep brand by the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company. The vehicle is designed for use by multiple demographics. However, its large size makes it particularly attractive for families. The Jeep Cherokee lineup retails at upwards of $30,000. Thus. The potential customer is middle class, with access to financing and will have a family. The potential customer base of the Cherokee model is price sensitive. Though, the major determinant is safety, fuel economy and financing for the vehicle. The manufacturers have attempted to sell the SUV primarily to young families across cultures. The vehicle has significant legroom and significant cargo space. The 2017 model is billed with having the ability to increase traction in snow-prone areas. The safety features on the vehicle. These include; automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, automated parking system, and stability control CITATION FCA17 l 1033 (FCA North America, 2


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