Topic: Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills & Identify Weaknesses

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Topic: Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills & Identify Weaknesses


A self-assessment is an opportunity for you to review what you have learned in the program, evaluate your clinical skills, and develop goals before exiting the NP program. For this assignment, you will complete the Risk Control Self-Assessment Checklist for Nurse Practitioners and identify your areas of strength and weakness. You also will explain how you plan to improve on these weaknesses, as well as how you plan to master clinical skills you have not obtained prior to exiting NP program.
Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:
• Identify at least three strengths
• Explain why you consider these strengths and what you can do to maintain them in your practice
• Identify at least three weaknesses
• Explain how you plan to address each weakness
• Examine at least three clinical skills you need to obtain prior to exiting the program
• Explain how you plan to master the clinical skills before exiting NP program
• Analyze the history of advanced practice nurses and the emerging role of your specialty area, and discuss what contributions you plan to make to advance the nursing profession
After carefully completing the risk control self-Assessment checklist, these were my strength and weaknesses. 
Three Strengths
1. I am able to complete a thorough and accurate physical exam utilizing proper techniques while focusing on the patient`s symptoms, and also able to use appropriate techniques in examining patients as warranted to accurately diagnosing.
2. I am able to use effective verbal communication and interpersonal skills when meeting with patients, office staff, and other health care professionals. I am always pleasant and am able to maintain a positive attitude, and able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.
3. I am a strong believer in patient education. Providing patient education about their medications or disease process. Many patients that I have encountered have self care deficit or non-compliance due to lack of knowledge. Teaching the patients is important because it gives them great autonomy and self impowerment.
Three Weaknesses
1. I lack understanding my state nurse practice act. I need to familiarize myself with the legal compliance in my state prior to practicing
2. I am able to perform accurate patient assessment but may not include all the major differential diagnoses.
3. I need to improve on the use of medical literature to understand the history and pathology of disease and to plan the treatment apporpriately. 
All references must be less than 5 years and should ne evidenced bases. 
Buppert, C. (2015). What is a Nurse practitioner? In Nurse Practitioner`s Business Practice and Legal Guide (5th ed.) (1-16, 33). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.
Ketis, Z., Kravos, A., Susic, T, Svab, I., Kersnik, j. (2013). New Tool for Patient Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care Settings. Journal of Clinical Nursing. Vol.23 (1323-1331). doi: 10.1111/jocn.12377


Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills


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Nursing practitioner program in the United States equips one with the necessary clinical skills to practice as a nurse. Self-assessment is the tool used to gauge your level of grasping the clinical skills. The tool enables one to determine on the clinical skills acquired, strengths and weaknesses of a nurse. Self-evaluation enables one to plan on how to fix the gaps identified during.


I am able to use the appropriate techniques to complete a thorough and accurate physical examination of patients. I consider this clinical skill because it is very important in obtaining data for the nursing d


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