Topic: SB 1006 Legislative Paper: Does CSNO Support Or Oppose This Bill?

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Topic: SB 1006 Legislative Paper: Does CSNO Support Or Oppose This Bill?


Legislative Paper Assignment SB 1006: SB 1006 which asks the University of California to create a center to study and gather evidence about the causes and prevention of firearm injuries. It proposes that we study gun violence, just as we would study any other public health crisis. I support this idea with the hope that it will lead to data and resources to use in evidence based practice regarding gun violence. I think this is particularly important in light of the many shootings at schools in recent years.
Describe SB 1006 bill a proposed state legislation that has the potential to affect the school health program, school age students or school nursing practice in California. What are the possible effects of this legislation on children/education/school nursing? State your position for or against this legislation.
Write a one page summary of the bill and why you support this bill. 
Does CSNO support or oppose this bill?
What other organizations are behind it or against it? Why? Are there alternatives or compromises that you could propose?
Write a one page summary citing sources.
Use the guidelines for a letter found in the CSNO Advocacy Handbook on the CSNO website (www.csno.org). 
Write a one page letter of support/nonsupport for the bill to your legislator, committee or other. Make a clear statement about what you want the reader to do. State who you are (constituent, expert, etc.) and how you can be reached. Mail or email this letter.


SB 1006
Institutional affiliation SB 1006
The bill was introduced by Senator Wolk who like many Americans is tired of the increase in gun violence and the lives it has claimed. It proposes that people study gun violence in schools just like any other public health issues are covered in the school curriculum. It also states that firearm violence is a public safety complication in California and the whole nation. It also proposes for the establishment of the California Firearm Violence Research Center which will be established at the University of California. It will be charged with studying of gun violence and strategies for the prevention and treatment of firearm violence ("SB


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