Topic: Rhetorical Essay: Easy Driver, Voice and Audience

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Topic: Rhetorical Essay: Easy Driver, Voice and Audience


Rhetorical Analysis Outline Guidelines


After you have completed your graphic organizer you will need to complete a detailed outline.

  • First, decide how you would like to organize your outline? See page 137
  • Follow the guidelines for the intro, body and conclusion



  • Grabber or lead (page 334-335)
  • Identify the subject of analysis
  • State your purpose and main point (thesis)
  • Offer background information
  • Stress importance

For more detail refer to page 143



Each body paragraph should have

  • Transition word, or phrase
  • Topic sentence


You should then refer to page 137 in order to organization the following elements

  • An explanation of rhetorical concepts
  • A description or summary of subject
  • Analysis of subject



  • Signal phrase
  • Restate thesis
  • Stress importance of topic
  • Look to the future

For more detail refer to page 146






Rhetorical Essay: Easy Driver

Easy Driver is the commercial that introduced the Mercedes AMG`s new car in the market: the Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster. The vehicle is the latest of the company`s flagship vehicles in 2017 as it celebrates 50th anniversary of success in the American market. The vehicle commercial does rounds with a famous slogan Born to Be Wild. The sleek coupe is a show of style and speed, combining an easy handling and transmission system that is both flexible and economical; consuming only 11.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (Florea). The advertisement for the product delivers a message that makes it to be wild and desirable for both the young and the old drivers.

Voice and Audience

The Easy Driver employs a perfect combination of graphic and music to pass clearly its message. The ad employs storyline from the famous movie Easy Driver where a band of old bikers is having a good time at a roadside bar called Tinny`s in the middle of the dessert. The ad also uses the Born to be Wild music by Steppenwolf, used in the same movie in the 1969. The combination of the behaviors of the riders and the powerful roar of the car at the end of the ad delivers a desire that compels both old and young dr


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