Topic: Review of the Film Version of The Handmaid`s Tale

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Topic: Review of the Film Version of The Handmaid`s Tale


Subject - Review of the Film Version of The Handmaid`s Tale.
Heuristic - Comparison/Evaluation
Audience - Film Fans.
Write a movie review of "The Handmaid`s Tale". Describe the plot, setting, characters just enough to give readers a taste of what the might see. Explain who might enjoy the movie--people who liked "Avatar" or "Clockwork Orange" or "Fahrenheit 451"? People who liked the novel? Who might the movie offend or turn off or simply bore? To whom would you recommend (or not) the movie? Explain your reasons. 
*pls treat this question with almost concentration and seriousness. answer the question as it is asked. touch all questions asked.


Name Course Instructor Date ‘The Handmaid`s Tale` Film Review The Handmaid`s Tale is a film adapted from Margaret Atwood`s novel, `The Handmaid`s Tale.` The book gives a vivid description of the totalitarian government of the Gilead Republic. The Atwood`s Gilead society has been locked off and is austerely Gender separated. Besides, based on compliance and fertility, the women are further subdivided into classes. Offred, the main character in the story, reveals what Atwood termed as “the place of women” (Atwood, 72). For instance, Offred is a handmaid. Because she is one of the few fertile women, she`s a surrogate womb for the boss`s wife and constantly in risk of being sent to an isolated encampment in the remote; a camp where the aged and infertile ladies are victimized to death. Through Offred the suffering of women in the Gilead society is expressed (Wisker, 53). For instance, gender harassment is evident; women are treated as objects. Thus, `The Handmaid`s Tale` is an evergreen cautionary tale that Atwood put forward for the present generation and the generation to come. Moved by the message in the novel, Volker Schlondorff directed a film, an adoption from the story, and named it after the book, perhaps to give a visual impression


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