Topic: Research the Code of Hammurabi: What is its Main Point?

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Topic: Research the Code of Hammurabi: What is its Main Point?


“The Code of Hammurabi,” The Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy, Yale Law School, http://avalon.law.yale.edu/ancient/hamframe.asp (Links to an external site.)
Sun Tzu, “The Art of War,” The Internet Classics Archive, http://classics.mit.edu/Tzu/artwar.html (Links to an external site.)
Pose at least three questions about each document.
Answer in at least 4-6 sentences for each document: where does this source come from? What is its main point? What is its purpose (what is it trying to accomplish?)? Was it successful? Why or why not?
Also, answer in at least 4-6 sentences for each document: what does it reveal about the political, economic, and/or cultural contexts in which it was created?
The end product should be at least six paragraphs, around two to three pages in length.
(Mark: Primary ‘s questions are posted directly here not in the book. There are two links!! Two!! So each link you need to ask at least 5 questions And, you need to pose three questions, but don`t need to answer them. 11 ft, 4 pages!! 3 days due)


[Your Name] [Professor] [Course title] [Date] “The Code of Hammurabi” 1 How was Babylon after Hammurabi? Does the Hammurabi steel exist till today? 2 Is religion a manipulation tool to make people believe and obey? 3 How has Hammurabi`s code impacted the 21st century laws and regulations? Where does this source come from? King Hammurabi claimed that he received the laws from the sun god. The source came from the lord of Heaven and earth who declared the fate of the land given to Marduk - dominion over earthly man- and Marduk was great and made it great on earth. Marduk was the most important Babylonian god. Hammurabi also alluded that Marduk required him to rule in his name. This power was then handed over to Hammurabi who would bring rules of righteousness to the land, through destroying the wicked and evil doers and enlightening the land. Hammurabi then declared 282 laws called Hammurabi`s code that were wrote in Akkadian language in columns from left to right (King). What is its main point? The laws dealt with all aspects of everyday living. These rules would be used in most facets of the Babylonian lives. It described major and minor off


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