Topic: PSY340 Assignment M3A1: Operant Conditioning Activity Behavior Modification

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Topic: PSY340 Assignment M3A1: Operant Conditioning Activity Behavior Modification


PSY340: Psychology of Learning
Module 3: Operant Conditioning: Behavior Reinforcement
Project: Operant Conditioning: Behavior Modification
M3A1: Operant Conditioning: Behavior Modification
Your goal for this operant conditioning activity is to plan a hypothetical experiment in behavioral modification. You will apply what you have learned about principles of operant conditioning to a proposal for change the behavior of someone you know. Please note, because of the need for human subjects IRB approval, you will not actually be conducting the experiment, just proposing it and explaining what the results might look like if you had conducted it.
In preparation of your Behavior Modification Plan, please thoroughly explain each of the following points using appropriate terminology:
Who is the participant? (Preferably this will be someone else, but it could be you or a pet.) 
Identify the target behavior: Describe the behavior that you would like to change. This could be something the participant already does or something you would like him or her to do. Select a behavior which is interesting to you as well as measurable. Please make sure that your choice is legal, moral and ethical.
Discuss what would you use as "consequences," that is, reinforcers and/or punishers? (Reinforcers are generally preferable. You want to identify consequences which you believe would work for your participant, and explain why you believe they would work).
How would you deliver the "consequences"? (You will need to consider in practical terms how you would be able to do this with your participant and what "schedules of reinforcement" you would use).
Produce a proposal of your behavioral modification plan and what you expect the results of your experiment would be if you carried it out. Consider both the potential limitations and strengths of your plan and the various scenarios that could result from it.
Your Report should include the following:
Introduction explaining what your project was about, give background on the techniques you are using.
Description of the procedures you would implement if you carried out the plan.
Detailed account of what you would expect the results to be if you carried out the experiment. Be very specific in describing the methods of operant conditioning.
Discussion of your conclusions about behavioral modification and operant conditioning.
The overall proposal should be about 3-4 pages (750-1,000 words). Make sure to cite your sources using APA Style.


Operant Conditioning Activity: Behavior Modification

Modifying Children’s Behavior Using Operant Conditioning Techniques
Behavior modification is a technique used to either increase or decreases a specific behavior or reaction. Behavior modification concept works on the principle of conditioning. Conditioning involves a process of altering unwanted behavior by adopting new behavior using stimulus (Skinner, 2014). Behavior modification techniques are applicable in different settings especially when teachings teach new behavior or in healthcare setting when promoting healthy behavior. Behavior modification is commonly applied when training animals to develop as sense of obedience towards the owner (Skinner, 2014).The paper presents a report on a hypothetical experiment on behavioral modification process.
Experiment Background
Operant conditioning is based on voluntary behavior; operand conditioning means changing the


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