Topic: Proposal for the Creation of Burghaton Police Department

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Topic: Proposal for the Creation of Burghaton Police Department


The overall assignment for this course is to establish a police department for a yet-to-be-named city. You will also be responsible for naming the agency. You will work individually on this project, although your peers and instructor will assist with the development process through their feedback on the various deliverables you will have. Although you will be creating a police department during this course, you will be evaluated by your skills of applying what you have learned during your educational program. The principles that you will be researching and implementing are the same principles that you will use if you were developing a new correctional facility, court system, parole or probation system, or other related criminal justice agency.
Module 1 assignment
Define the strategy to begin the developement process
- Explain the different organizations that will make up the agency
- Define the various components of an agency
- Describe the organizational structure
- Explain how a police agency is formed
- come up with the organizational structure of your proposed police department. Some students want to use a chart, graph, table, illustrations ... etc you MUST in any case use a NARRATIVE section that fully explains or throws more light on your organizational structure. Please EXPLAIN your organizational structure fully!!


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Proposal for the Creation of Burghaton Police Department

Background Information about Burghaton City

The city of Burghaton will be located within the state of Florida. It consists of approximately 50 square miles and 10 square miles of navigable waterways. The city has a permanent population of one hundred thousand. The number of tourists who visit the city is approximately twenty-five thousand per year. Out of the total population, 80% are of the white race, 14% are of the black race, and 6% are of the other races. The city has a median age of forty-three with a per capital income of twenty- seven dollars. Unemployment rate in Burghaton City is 5.6%. The school enrolment of the city is 11,000 students CITATION Sch10 l 1033 (Schirling, 2010).

Reasons for the Creation of Burghaton Police Department

As the newly appointed Chief of Police of Burghaton City, I have carried out research on the various issues that are affecting the residents of Burghaton City and they necessitate the establishment of a Police Department as highlighted below:

• Slow response of the State Police –After a survey, we realized that the residents had complained that the emergency response of the police was very slow CITATION Pol12 l 1033 (Police Research Executive Forum, 2012).

• Increase in the number of tourists who visited Burghaton City-Over the past two yea


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