Topic: Procrastination, Why Do We Procrastinate And How Did We Overcome It

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Topic: Procrastination, Why Do We Procrastinate And How Did We Overcome It


What a review should include:
Topic/Research Question
Explanation of why this topic/question is important and who it affects
A short summary (2-3 sentences) of each article, including the author information and the main idea
Thesis: Explaining your general impression of the literature on the topic/question: 
Is the research consistent? Overall, do the authors tend to agree or disagree? 
Maybe include your points of comparison on the topic. What characteristics are you going to examine?
Body Paragraphs
Points of comparison, including common ideas, differences, conflicting ideas, the approaches used by the authors/researchers in each of the articles
Here you can mention the type and quality of the supporting evidence mentioned by the authors when discussing each of the characterisitics
Overall, what does the research show about the topic? Is there a consensus? Are there points of controversy? 
If there are points of controversy, are certain sources more or less reliable? If necessary, talk about the qualifications of the authors and any biases or weaknesses in the articles. (Evaluate the sources, NOT the argument)
Is the research complete? Are there areas that require further research or questions that are left unanswered? 
Complete bibliographic information (Works Cited)


Why People Procrastinate and How to Overcome
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation

Why People Procrastinate and How to Overcome
Why do people procrastinate and is it entirely a bad habit? The issue of procrastination is important since it affects almost every individual, especially students. The understanding of the effects of the concept is critical for one to know how to deal with the matter. Abramowski (2014) presents the idea that procrastination can be beneficial. The author explains that the concentration on the downside has prevented the exploration of its pros. Chun and Choi (2005) introduce the issue of active and passive procrastination to demonstrate that the issue has both advantages and demerits. According to the researchers, active procrastinators make a deliberate choice to procrastinate and are more productive under pressure. 
Meier, Reinecke, and Meltzer (2016) investigate the case of students utilizing Facebook to delay crucial tasks.


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