Topic: Processes And Strategies In Health Professional Education

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Topic: Processes And Strategies In Health Professional Education


4000 word essay on the application of learning theories within Health Professional Education. (Outcomes: 1, 5)

1:Demonstrate a systematic understanding of knowledge and a critical awareness of a range of learning theories and processes which is informed by seminal and current research based materials. Please choose one major theory of learning and teaching,( cognitive, behavioural or humanistic) discuss it at length, its application to practice and teaching and learning in healthcare environments. compare and contrast with another/other theories. discuss its strengths and weaknesses based on current evidence.

5: Demonstrate the application of a range of approaches to facilitating learning in relation to Health Professional Education.

book » recommended reading

Gillon, Raanan and Lloyd, Ann (1994) - Principles of health care ethics

Reading list. These are a few

Essential reading: Illeris, Knud (ed.) (2009) - Contemporary theories of learning : learning theorists ... in their own words

Jarvis, Peter (ed.) (2006) - The theory and practice of teaching (2nd ed)

book » essential reading

Quinn, Francis M. and Hughes, Suzanne J. (2007) - Quinn`s principles and practice of nurse education (5th ed)

book » essential reading

Race, Phil (2001) - The lecturer`s toolkit : a practical guide to learning, teaching and assessment (2nd ed)

book » essential reading

Young, Lynne E. and Paterson, Barbara L. (2007) - Teaching nursing : developing a student-centered learning environment

journal article » recommended reading

Speed, Shaun, Griffiths, Jane, Horne, Maria, et al - Pitfalls, perils and payments: Service user, carers and teaching staff perceptions of the barriers to involvement in nursing education in Nurse Education Today (2012)

journal article » recommended reading

Tee, Steve - Service user involvement — Addressing the crisis in confidence in healthcare in Nurse Education Today (2012)

journal article » recommended reading

Ward, Sue and Benbow, Judith - The role of service-user feedback in undergraduate nursing courses in British Journal of Nursing (2016)


Learning Theories and Health Education






Learning theories constitute the fundamental framework that assists in the planning and scheduling of educational systems within a classroom environment. This is a crucial aspect of the technical training for the nursing field. The acquisition and mastery of these theories by the teachers and other trainers can assist them in the dissemination of knowledge and flexibility depending on the situations at hand. Behaviorists are of the notion that learning occurs only when there is a reaction to a given stimuli, that results in a change in the behavior of an individual or organism. This shift in behavior should be observable.

Behaviorists place much of their argument upon the impact on the emotions of the learner. Thorndike and Skinner have done quite a lot when it comes to this approach to learning. Contrary to what these behaviorists believe, cognitive scholars, on the other hand, believe that education is supposed to be internal, doing with consciousness. They understand that learning should to a large extent focus upon the understanding and organization of thought.

According to fundamentalists, the learning process should entail forearming the learner with the necessary research and problem-solving skills. These are the ingredients that they believe can help one to learn through discovery an...

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