Topic: Primary Responses to Literature Documents: Mo`ikeha

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Topic: Primary Responses to Literature Documents: Mo`ikeha


Not a typical essay, questions and answers.
“Mo`ikeha,” Hawaiian Voyaging Traditions, http://pvs.kcc.hawaii.edu/ike/moolelo/moikeha.html (Links to an external site.)
Christopher Columbus, “Extracts from Journal,” Medieval History Sourcebook, Fordham University, http://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/source/columbus1.asp (Links to an external site.)
Pose at least three questions about each document.
Answer in at least 4-6 sentences for each document:  where does this source come from?  What is its main point?  What is its purpose (what is it trying to accomplish?)?  Was it successful?  Why or why not? 
Also, answer in at least 4-6 sentences for each document:  what does it reveal about the political, economic, and/or cultural contexts in which it was created?
The end product should be at least six paragraphs, around two to three pages in length.


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Primary Responses to Literature Documents Response to the story “Mo`ikeha” 1 Does Mo`iheka lineage of leadership still exist? 2 Who is the last chief of from Mo`iheka lineage 3 What are the impacts of traditional activities during the ancient Tahiti in today`s world? Where does this source come from? Response to the story “Mo`ikeha”, Hawaiian voyaging, comes from Fornander, Collection of Hawaiian antiquities and Folk-lore volume IV. It was a collection of tales about the Mo`iheka chieftaincy that existed in Honolulu: Bishop museum and was updated between 1916 t0 1917. The story`s main point The story`s main point was to highlight the traditional culture of the ancient Haiti people such as the inheritance of power. This has been portrayed along Mo`ikeha`s lineage, which produced the key leaders of the community such as Mo`ikeha himself and his two sons Kila and La`amaikahiki, who both inherited the leadership reigns from their father in Kauai and Tahiti respectively. Besides the inheritance culture, the story also explains how various names of landmarks within the shores of Tahiti w


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