Topic: Popular or Literary Representation of Your Country Case

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Topic: Popular or Literary Representation of Your Country Case


Refer to the film or website you identified in Module 3 about the country you have chosen for your Portfolio Project. Summarize the website or the film and describe the important information presented. Does this film or website depict the country accurately? How does the information you find in the film or website compare to the information you have read in your textbook and discovered through your portfolio research?
In its most ideal version democracy and capitalism are both intended towards providing the power of rule for the majority of the people and for giving opportunities so that individually oriented capitalist ideals and efforts could thrive. However, it is almost inevitable for any state to achieve such an ideal type of rule for a number of factors and challenges, such as politics, history, and culture among others. In the context of Africa, the people with greater doubts and questions have always perceived liberal democracy. This is because ever since globalization paved way for both of these phenomena (individual-oriented capitalism and liberal democracy), a system similar to post-colonial Africa was created. A system dominated by corrupt aristocrats, which dominate the economy and political systems at the expense of the others. Also, because of this system, a disparity between the meanings of the term “The people” have connoted either “the masses” or “those ruled by the autocrats” (Chimakonam, Agu, & Agbo, 2014).
In order to make a successful transition towards an “authentic liberal democracy”, I believe that it would be best for Africa to seek the support of other nations who have been democratized prior them. These countries include U.S., United Kingdom, France, and other countries who could help with the manpower, resources, and technical knowledge that they were able to get through the experience. By doing this, changes in the perception of Africans about “what democracy really is”, could be corrected, while the questions on how to fully achieve (relative, since the ideal democratic rule, is utopian) the “rule of the many”, could be realized. Lastly, I believe that the main role of the other countries is to help the African government to focus more on achieving “governance” (orchestration of the people) rather than “government” (ruling the people) (Cariño, 2000).
Cariño, L. (2000). The concept of governance. From Government to Governance, 3-17.
Chimakonam, J. O., Agu, S. N., & Agbo, J. N. (2014). The nemesis of individualistic ontology in globalization and the practice of liberal democracy in post-colonial Africa. The Journal of Pan African Studies, 7(4), 137-155.




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Democracy is focused on enhancing stabilization of nations and making the vast majority of citizens` views and interest count. In other words, it is a government that backs the decision of more societies (Cariño, 2000). Henceforth, Combining democracy and capitalism guarantees the majority power and opportunities in a Republic so that even the less fortune view the government as an equal opportunity establishment where no one is marginalized. Conversely, it is almost impossible for any state to realize the fruits of democracy and capitalism due


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