Topic: Personal Narrative Essay Outline Worksheet: Bullying

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Topic: Personal Narrative Essay Outline Worksheet: Bullying


TOPIC: Think about an experience that involved a conflict / bully. Were you the bully, victim, or witness? How did this experience change you? Choose the one moment that best describes when you changed. Reflect on the change and what it means to you and your life now.


Your essay will be 750 word minimum, and will show clear development according to the WRITING PROCESS: prewriting, outline, drafting, feedback (peer and tutor), revision, editing, final draft.

Your final draft must be a WORD document MLA formatted: heading, line spacing, margins.


Required format:

This is a Narrative, so the story must develop Chronologically (TIME: beginning to end)

The body must be descriptive and use clear elements of description to show the reader HOW the bullying event happened. You should not simply tell the reader WHAT HAPPENED.

Describe in detail how the event occurred.

Include: Sensory Details: What / how did you….see, say, touch, smell, taste, feel

Dialogue: Internal, External, Reported Speech

Writing Tips:

You need to use vocabulary that clearly expresses time….

Useful transitions: Words that communicate TIME, choose

First, and then, meanwhile, at the same time, next, after that, finally, consequently

Verb tenses:

Past tense when describing WHAT HAPPENED (Body paragraphs)

Present tense when REFLECTING about the event (Conclusion)

Punctuation: proofread carefully. Dialogues must be punctuated correctly



Describe how the bullying event happened. How did it begin, then what happened, how long did it take?

Sensory details include the 5 senses:

See: What did it look like? Feel: How did you feel? Hear: What did you/he/she say? Taste: What did it taste like? Smell: What did it smell like?


Were there multiple bullying events? Pick a the most influential one as your CONFLICT.

Select the most meaningful events that will lead to your conclusion.


When you complete your first draft, outline, peer review and get feedback from tutors


Save and label all documents to submit for your final grade:



First draft Narration Essay

Peer Review

Tutor Feedback

Second Draft Narration Essay…



Personal Narrative Essay Outline Worksheet

Title: ______________________________________________________
By: ___________________________________________

Topic: bullying
When: 6th Grade, occurred for two months
Moving into a new school was not the most pleasant experiences, as I encountered new fac


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