Topic: Novella Passing: The Thesis / Main Point of the Article?

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Topic: Novella Passing: The Thesis / Main Point of the Article?


This paper has 3 parts. 
This assignment is in MLA 8 format
1. Research essay – with works cited
2. Annotated Bibliography (from sources used in works cited)
3. Article Review Paper
Research Essay
The essay is on the novella Passing by Nella Larsen. It will focus on the racism throughout the novella and the concept of being an African American woman passing as a white woman during the time-period the novella took place. Five sources outside of the novella must be included. Include the novella Passing as one of the sources (this would be the sixth source). The length of the paper should be 5-6 pages. Feel free to talk about racism overall, racism during the time-period of the novella, and racism now and the relationship between them all. Please make sure you include a thesis statement relating to the essay. Thank you. 
Article Review Paper (based on research essay)
Choose one article that you come across as you are doing your research for this assignment. Underneath your thesis / working thesis statement, write a 2 page summary of this article. In your summary make sure to include:
1. Title and author of the article
2. What was the “thesis” (main point) of the article? What was he/she trying to say? Bring out 2 -3 good points
3. What do you agree with? Why?
4. What do you disagree with? Why? (or do you not?)
5. Is the method of persuasion they use effective? (The way they present the material?) Is their argument compelling?
After your summary, be sure to include citation (where you got the article) in MLA 8 format. 


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Research Paper – Novella Passing Research Essay Despite the many assurances from the world leaders, racism continues to be a major malaise that works to divide social integration between people from different ethnic backgrounds. In the US, protests like the most recent Black Lives Matter only but confirm the truthfulness of the above statement. Racism has managed to penetrate even the most socially welcoming of platforms like sports. There have been numerous instances in, for example, soccer, where players have used the “n” word against their black opponents or even, used other words like ‘monkey` or throw some racial slurs. These are a testament to the fact that racism is still real and that the world is yet to rid itself of it. The US is a country that has been trying to rid itself of racism but with little success. The early 1900s were bad for the African American race because even the federal government believed in racially segregating its citizens. Laws like the Jim Crow Laws only helped to sever any efforts meant to unite the people and break any racial lines. African Americans had to use tricks such as passing for them to enjoy the same privileges as their white counterparts. According to calculations by one of the most renowned sociologists, Charles S. Johnson, more than 350,000 African Americans passed as whites from 1900 to 1920. In her novel Passing, Nella Larsen explains the concept of passing while ...

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