Topic: Multivariate Assignment ,4-1 & 4-2 Qualitative Approaches

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Topic: Multivariate Assignment ,4-1 & 4-2 Qualitative Approaches


This is a two part assignment first read the article about adult attachment and depressive mood which is added. Two references the article, and the book for first part 750 words and there are five questions. Second part is questions 4-1 & 4-2 everything has in text citations must be schollary 4-1 & 4-2 must have two references each the book materical can be one cover page and a reference. I have added chapters 5,6,7&,8, take what you need from the materials I think you will need it all to maybe answer the questions.There are two files part one and part two all the instructions are added. 4-1 & 4-2 make about 750 words each and the article paper 750 words. that is only 1090 words put the others words where they are needed. I need this within 9 days please 10 days is too late


Multivariate perfectionism 

Multivariate perfectionism 
You should use qualitative approaches when conducting counseling research when the inquiry is multipragmatic. The qualitative designs help to get a deeper understanding of an issue, and the case study is one of these approaches that have contributed immensely towards utilizing evidence-based process in counseling (Sheperis, Young, & Daniels, 2017). Researchers can also use observation to understand different aspects of the phenomena being studied, and the case study are effective when seeking robust information compared to using a single quantitative study. An example of qualitative research is researchers using interviews and surveys to understand the social construction of gender, and how this is related to beliefs and prejudices. 
The qualitative methods are also appropriate when seeking to generate hypothesis, where researchers then utilize reflexivity to advance evidence based practice. However, qualitative research is less popular than quantitative research in counseling, and there is a need to consider the contextual factors that affect the different variables. For instance, a researcher seeking to understand why people choose to see counselors it is necessary for the investigator to identify their own biases. Qualitative research is also utilized to explore an evaluate processes that do not necessarily require enumeration (Palinkas, 201...


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