Topic: Leadership Description Assignment: A Huge Company Like IBM

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Topic: Leadership Description Assignment: A Huge Company Like IBM


Please complete the following:

Leadership at IBM

Write a research essay responding to the following questions in your essay:

Knowing what you know about effective leadership, how would you assess IBM’s leadership post-2002?

What would you identify as the strengths and weaknesses of that leadership? You will need to extrapolate to develop an answer to this, based admittedly on limited information.

If you were an executive coach, hired to work with the senior leadership within IBM, what might you propose?

You should leverage the following resources, in addition to your own research, to complete your essay:

Articles – found in Library:

Evans, B. (2009, June 8). Sam Palmisano’s grand strategy for IBM.

Information Week, 1233, 16.

Evans, B. (2010, March 29). Why IBM CEO Sam Palmisano earned his

$24.3 million. Information Week, 1261, 14.

McDougall, P. (2011, November 14). Rometty to drive IBM sales with

consulting. Information Week, 1316, 16.

Thibodeau, P., and Lawson, S. (2011, November 7). IBM quietly names a new CEO. Computerworld, 45(20), 10.

Articles – links to other sources:


http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/on-leadership/wp/2014/01/24/ibms- ginni-rometty-says-no-to-a-bonus/


The Case Assignment for this course will be a 4 page essay (excluding cover page and references). You should use a minimum of 4 academic sources. In addition, the essay must:

Be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman.

Should have a cover page and works cited page.

Be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Be in APA style.

You must cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid plagiarism.

Your essay must have a thesis statement and conclusion that are: 

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both supported by research and analysis.

Writing expectations include competency in the following: 

Sentence Structure

Verb Tense and Agreement

Pronoun Use

Possessive Use



Focus and Organization

Thesis Statement & Conclusion


IBM Leadership





Running a huge company like IBM is demanding. It requires the involvement of entire self. The use of both the left and right brain in decision making is one thing that most leaders fail to adopt. The famous adage goes ‘Leaders are born, not made.` Acquisition of leadership skills and qualities is, on the contrary, a learning process. A leader defines the success or the downfall of a company. Since 2002, IBM has had two leaders.

Samuel J. Palmisano took over the leadership of IBM in 2002. He retired in 2012, Ginni Rometty succeeding him. During his reign, he set a goal of making IBM a standard measure of other companies. His mandate was to run businesses uniquely with high innovation potential and profit margins. He purchased Pricewaterhousecoopers Consulting 2002. This was to go beyond just selling computers and software but also be an aid to customers. It would help the customers to use technology to come up with solutions to challenges in their businesses.

IBM got software companies. These c


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