Topic: Language Philosophers Research: Ludwing and Friedrich

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Topic: Language Philosophers Research: Ludwing and Friedrich


Language: Choose 2 philosophers with theories on language. Make sure you explain the theories in full. Give examples of how each theory can work or fail us. Do you think language is to blame for misunderstanding? How can we fix this? Please choose these philosophers, Wittgenstein and Nietszche.They are the two we have studied about.Attached is a PowerPoint page for them we used in class
Be sure to answer all of the questions posed in fully explained sentences. You will be graded on: Names, Opinions, Theories, Examples and the reason Why you have your beliefs.
Please the source for this essay should be from the textbook "LOOKING AT PHILOSOPHY" 6th Edition By Donald Palmer


Language Philosophers: Ludwing & Friedrich


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Language Philosophers: Ludwing & Friedrich

Ludwig Wittgenstein Theory

Ludwig Wittgenstein rejects the idea that language is separate and corresponding to reality. He argued that a concept does not necessarily need to be defined in order to make them more meaningful. In the picture of language theory, Wittgenstein argues that there is unbridgeable gap between what we express in language and what can only be expressed in no


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