Topic: Interview Writing Assignment: Immigrants Assimilation

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Topic: Interview Writing Assignment: Immigrants Assimilation


As we have discussed at length in our course, immigration has literally transformed the United States. From the European and Asian nations that sent people to the U.S. nearly two centuries ago, to the continual racial and ethnic demographic changes in our country, the immigrant experience is alive and well here.  Why do people migrate across international borders? How do we understand the politics of immigration? And how do we understand “incorporation,” the process by which foreign- born individuals become integrated in their new home?  So that you can better understand and analyze some of these questions you will interview an individual who has lived the immigrant experience, which will then become the basis of your semester Race & Ethnicity Research Paper.

Your paper must:

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  • if you decide to use outside sources - incorporate quotations, facts that are not common knowledge, and/or ideas which are not your own – cite accordingly (including page numbers).  You may use ASA or MLA citation formats.

Papers which do not include all of the above will automatically be downgraded by five points.           Please edit your work carefully.

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Immigrants’ Assimilation






Having been born and lived for 21 years in Aleppo, Amar Mohammed moved to the US after their hometown came under heavy fire. Much of the home town was brought down from the shelling killing more than a quarter of the population in the town. Eleven members of their family were killed in a span of six months. This led to the family making the decision to move, right after part of their family home was partly caught in a gun battle. Arriving in the US, Amar, came with her younger brother Ali and her mother. Her two older brothers are still stuck Turkey. Her father died in Aleppo along with ten other members of the extended family. The greatest part of their struggle and excitement in the country has been getting integrated in the society. The assimilation has not been all smooth, however it is also a relief from the struggles they have experienced for the last several years back at home.


According to Mohammed, she and her family


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