Topic: Information Technology Project Management Assignment

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Topic: Information Technology Project Management Assignment


This course is Information technology project management
Following is the instruction and how it grades
Assignment - In progress
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Title   :The Project Risk Management Plan: Risk Mitigation (INDIVIDUAL) Assignment
Due     :Feb 23, 2017 11:55 pm
Number of resubmissions allowed:        1
Accept Resubmission Until       :Feb 23, 2017 11:55 pm
Status: In progress
Grade Scale:    Points (max 10.0)
Modified by instructor: Feb 17, 2017 6:08 pm
Individual Assignment:
Individual: The Project Risk Management Plan is an essential component of the master project plan.  Write an Executive Summary (narrative) of not more than two (2) pages in length, regarding the importance of the process of the ‘probability/impact analyses` of risk.  Use the ‘Business Memo: An Executive Summary,` template for your format; and in a narrative form, discuss the following:
1.Main ideaits relationship 
3.Current Facts
In this assignment you will be articulate a critical understanding on the use of this tool (the ‘Probability and Impact Risk Matrix,`) to facilitate developing a ‘Project Risk Management Plan.`  Discuss the components as you understand them. 
Each written assignment will be reviewed for accuracy, relevance, and to the lecture, the discussion, the group exercise, assigned readings, and any of the associated resources on the course homepage.
An ‘exemplary` score (9 to 10 of 10 points) will reflect a foundational understanding of the practice area and its integrated relationship to a project and its framework; it should have the focus of a manager.  An ‘effective` score (7 to 8 of 10 points) will reflect an understanding of the essential components of the ‘Risk Management Plan,` and how it is compiled and used.  An ‘ineffective` score (0-6 points) will reflect a paper that is poorly organized and difficult to read; one that does not flow logically from one part to another.  If the paper is late, does not follow the required format (please see below,) has spelling and/or grammatical errors, includes technical terms that are not defined (or poorly defined,) and/or has a lack of clarity and conciseness, then the paper will be subject to point reductions.


Re: Project Risk Management Plan
This is an essential phase of the project management plan, which seeks to identify probable risks to a project and devise ways on how to handle the risks. It involves measures to eliminate the risks of reducing the intensity of the effects of risks to the project under consideration. Accordingly, this paper aims at discussing the main ideal relationship, background, current facts, impact and actions of the project risk management plan. This process involves assessing the probability of risk occurrence and its imp


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