Topic: INDG 228 Assignment: Indigenous History within Canada

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Topic: INDG 228 Assignment: Indigenous History within Canada


Topic*** Describe and analyze the consequences of First Nations involvement in the European conflict over control of North America. The paper is to focus on a topic relevant to the history covered in this class. You are advised to start thinking about and preparing your paper at an early date. This is important, for example if you want to be the first to obtain library books. Students are advised to clear their paper topic if unsure whether it is appropriate. The paper will be weighted equally according to the following criteria: originality, extent of research, organization of contents, and clarity of writing. Students CANNOT rely solely on internet research and sources, but must consult library sources as well. Only reputable on-line sources are acceptable, for example on-line journals, web resources of reputable research agencies or government or official organizations. Your sources must be cited, preferably at the bottom of each relevant page (Chicago style). The paper will consist of 8 pages of written text. Late papers will not be accepted.


Indigenous History within Canada Name: Institution: Date: Consequences of First Nations Involvement in The European Conflict Over Control of North America. First Nations had inhabited the modern-day Canada for thousands of years before the Europeans discovered Canada. They are among the indigenous people who inhabited the North American continent and depended on the locally available resources in the environment for their livelihood. First Nations economic activities were mainly hunting and fishing and subsistence farming that supported their livelihood. They also traded among themselves and established trade patterns and routes all over North America. When Europeans discovered their world, they quickly sought to establish alliances and trade relationships. At first, the Europeans targeted the resources found in their land. As the benefits of the trade between Europeans and First Nations increased, each European nation strategized on how to take control of North America and control the trade. It was a move that later led to colonization of North America. Since each Europeans nation wanted a piece of the cake, enmity sprouted and fierce competition for the resources often led to wars. The wars had a significant impact on the lives of the First Nations` members socially, economically and culturally. After in-depth research into the impact of European wars on First Nations, this article describes and analyses the consequences of First Nations involvement in Europea...

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