Topic: HLS 6060 DF1 Comments on Budget Preparation and Location

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Topic: HLS 6060 DF1 Comments on Budget Preparation and Location


Comment on these two post as if you were me with a 100 words each, DO NOT COMPARE THE POSTS, and put 3 references for each post, and please seperate the references.
Dustin Tucker 
Week 1 Discussion
Budgetary decision making can be decided within the National Preparedness goal in that the actions of preparedness are related to the “greatest threat” our Nation faces. Therefore, if the US were to determine that the greatest threat currently would be to our cybersecurity, then to strengthen the cybersecurity and prevention mission area, budgets would have to reflect increased preparation. On the other hand, in regions of the United States that are exposed to natural disasters the needs would change and mission areas such as mitigation, response, and recovery may be given more attention.
In sustaining a prepared nation from threats, it is imperative that all sectors be alert and ready. It requires that regions that have different threat levels disseminate threat assessments to the proper agencies and train, hopefully collectively, in the mission areas. Continually being prepared requires staying on-top of threats as they change, which requires that agencies have the necessary means to prepare.
For my area of Michigan, our biggest threat is more than likely snow and cold. Being prepared for this is a whole community effort - personal responsibility to prepare, road commission plowing, utilities functioning, and others are involved. The adjacent county to where I live has substantial budget issues. So, in the event of a large snow storm and bitter-cold the response of services may be limited because positions had to be terminated to save costs. Additionally, those involved in response may be unfamiliar with how to respond due to lack of training, due to the lack of funds allowed by the budget.
Kayla Strezsak 
Week 1
Separately, you would not think much of their relationship, however, both National Preparedness and budgetary decision making do in fact intersect. In order to make sound and successful decisions that benefit a community for a natural disaster there will need to be a budget. This budget will need to be divided depending on the needs of each community. This can include how many beds to place in a shelter and how many doctors to have on call and will vary greatly depending upon the population within a certain area. In addition, budget will also determine how much, if any, national help they will need after a natural disaster or emergency. This will help determine which items will receive more of the budget and what other items can wait for potential help from the government, this will prioritize needs for national preparedness. This budget will not only help with resources but training as well. This training will allow a community to execute plans more thoroughly.
However, if there is not enough money, or something goes awry this may cause a lack of resources. Things that can happened can include an incomplete or flawed census that is out of date. Or even unexplainable or unplanned event to cause a loss of resources or infrastructure. This could cause money to be spent in places that was not budgeted for in the beginning.


HLS 6060 DF1 Comments

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January 14, 2017

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Dustin Tucker

Week 1 Discussion

I highly agree with your idea that budget preparations should be made in relation to the specific threats that a particular place, country, or community needs. Most of the time, budget preparation and location is done within the national level and thus this fails to correctly capture the greatest threats that every locality faces CITATION IFR00 l 1033 (IFRC.org, 2000). Also I also believe that every proper agency should be made aware and are properly trained regardless of whether they are a government organization or an NGO, in order t


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