Topic: HLS 6050 DF2 Initial Assignment: Is Terrorism Getting Worse?

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Topic: HLS 6050 DF2 Initial Assignment: Is Terrorism Getting Worse?


post at least one media article that pertains to this reading. Please brief your article and explain why it is relevant. 
Fixation on Terrorism Blinds U.S. to Domestic Threats to National Security
This article is an interesting one and one that is relevant to this weeks reading. Jihadi terrorism has become the catch phrase of our national threat page, but is it our largest threat? Domestic terrorism leads to more deaths annually then radicalized or international terror group attacks in the U.S. So what security measures should we be posturing for to lessen the risks? The biggest take away from the article is what lens should we be viewing terrorism through.
“We are together with Egypt and many other states in the Middle East and the world in the struggle against extreme Islamic terrorism” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Israel`s Hadassah Medical Center last year. (Seftel, 2016)
Ayatollah and the caliphate are two faces of the same coin. However, Iran gained diplomatic success due the threat that ISIS represents to the international community. Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas are the best examples and daily reminders of the history of Ayatollah’s regime and its history of backing up Jihadist groups in a variety of ways.
The complex political struggle and civil war within the Middle East created a tangled map and have made it harder and harder for the United States to distinguish friends from enemies in this region. This week I chose an opinion essay written by Bernard Haykel on the New York Times website “The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy”, and an article written by Bennett Seftel, “Israel`s Arab Alliance: A Counter to ISIS and Iran?”. My background knowledge about the Middle East found these two articles helpful for understanding this situation for which there are no clear lines and there are many uncertainties in the region. It is necessary to expand our vision to analyze the risk and opportunities that current situations can provide.
What is happening now presents a great opportunity for a new era of cooperation between Israel and the Arab states who are allies to the United of States to face one common enemy, Islamic extremist terrorism and its’ state as Iran and non-state actors as AL Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Muslim brotherhoods, Hamas.
Haykel, B. The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/ref/opinion/26haykel.html
Seftel, B. (2016, February 8). Israel`s Arab Alliance: A Counter to ISIS and Iran?. The CIPHER BRIEF. Retrieved from https://www.thecipherbrief.com/article/israel%E2%80%99s-arab-alliance-counter-isis-and-iran


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Is Terrorism Getting Worse?

This article is equally relevant to this week`s reading. All over the world, terrorism is becoming a major threat to everybody. Jihadist militias are taking the advantage that people get frightened with a simple threat that is not even


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