Topic: GIS 5101 DF4 Comments on Social Movement Gatherings

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Topic: GIS 5101 DF4 Comments on Social Movement Gatherings


Comment on these two post as if you were me with a 100 words each, DO NOT COMPARE THE POSTS, and put 3 references for each post, and please seperate the references with the post it was made for.

Adrienne Lawson 

Lately I have been thinking about how climate change and science is being treated here in the U.S. Many in society are straying backwards away from science completely and it bothers me a great deal. This thinking led me to begin researching about the Larsen C ice shelf. It is the most northern/major ice shelf on Antarctica and it is splitting at a rapid pace. Only a 12 mile stretch of ice is keeping a section 1/4 the size of Wales from splitting into an iceberg. There have been many maps made of the rift and the shelf itself yet I have yet to see a map correlating temperatures since 2007 when scientists began to thoroughly explore and document the rift. There is satellite video of the split happening yet nothing to do with temperature per year. It would be a great project to make it a time lapse mapping of the Larsen C ice shelf`s change since 2007 (or even early if the imagery exists). It would show people that climate change has been happening since before Leonardo Dicaprio and Al Gore made popular documentaries.

To do this I would contact Project Midas and ask permission to map their research in this manner. I would not want to encroach on someone else`s job. If they said it would be fine I would then research various NASA websites and NOAA about Arctic temperatures from 2007 to the present as well as global temperatures (something to round out the research in essay form). 

If possible I would go back as far as I could with Landsat imagery and time lapse the mapping by 5 years per map depending on how much imagery is available and exactly how long the rift has been actively photographed. It would be topographic yet zoomed in, again, if possible, of the rift, showing the 


Earth Observatory

The Guardian`s "Giant iceberg poised to break off from Antarctic shelf"

Brett Young 

Given the recent election, and the backlash of decisions made by our new President elect, we have seen a firestorm on social media, and a significantly increasing amount of protests happening nationally. These protests gain steam through spreading word on social media, especially by using hash-tags on websites like Facebook, and Twitter. Many of these protest and social movement gatherings have also convened in areas of great importance to transportation, be it airports, main roads, or city blocks. My project to track real-time geographic changes would focus around social media usage pertaining to protests, and movements based on activity on social media. As a result we can sell this real time GIS data software to companies that have assets in motion like delivery trucks, express mail carriers, and emergency response departments. This data can provide real time layouts of where heavy gatherings exist, or where soon to be gatherings may meet. By monitoring social media we can analyze connections and locations to predict traffic scenarios, road blockages, etc. By monitoring hash-tag usage for political or social justice movements we can view into these posts as to where they are generating from, which in return can enable us to predict the size of the gathering, the location, and the distance it will travel. In order for this product to run successfully, I think my best bet would be to focus primarily on heavily populated U.S. cities that have generated these marches before. This way we can have a small-scale approach for users to identify highways, main streets, and blocks in the city. This project would be a great way to show the correlations between social media and the impact that it has on transportation, and how people can navigate in heavily populated cities. This would also be a great way to display in real time the rapid pace that social media trends happen at, and the amount of people that interact through social media for causes. This database can lead to the ability to analyze trends of protests/ rallies/ causes over time on specific holidays, or after specific events, and the amount of people we can estimate will react and the areas they will flock to.


GIS 5101 DF4 Comments

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GIS 5101 DF4 Comments

Adrienne Lawson

Climate change is a serious issue that is affecting the world we live in yet many people in the U.S. are not treating it with the seriousness that it deserves. For instance, a giant iceberg referred to as Larsen C on the northern part of the Antarctica is breaking off at a rapid pace (Devlin, 2017). Incremental and steady advancement


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