Topic: GIS 5101 Assignment 3: Free Mind-Mapping Software

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Topic: GIS 5101 Assignment 3: Free Mind-Mapping Software


To shake things up and encourage thought, you will write a two-page project design plan for a GIS as your 1st case study. Please stay with the page limit. You can only use an additional page for a figure or references. Your project design plan can be for any area of GIS that interests you (i.e. deforestation, land-use change, demographics, etc.). It might be for a project you are currently involved with, or working on at work or for another class, or something you have always been curious about. It can be written on a problem/project you would like to work on, or it can be written on a project you have read about in a journal, magazine, or on the internet. You will not be required to actually complete the study or produce any maps or conduct any actual analysis at this point - you might attempt this to an extent much later on in the course. Whichever option you use, the case study design plan should include the following:
A project statement - this paragraph should include some background information about your case study. Include where your study will take place, why you are undertaking the study, and what you expect to find.
Data sources - what data layers will you need and where can you get them (the field, the web etc).
Describe what method you would use to conduct your case study, i.e., the steps you would take. You can use a flow chart to do this or a free "mind-mapping" software (e.g. VUE: http://vue.tufts.edu/ ), if you want to create a mind map. Flow charts are sufficient also. Creating a flow chart is great preparation for modeling using GIS
State what limitations your study might have based on the availability/accuracy of the data.
Suggest some procedures you would use to verify your results.
Grades will be appointed based on an equal discussion of these of these 5 points. Please also check the rubric to understand what you will be graded on. The purpose of the exercise is to get you thinking about how you would proceed in using a GIS yourself. It is also intended to help you appraise the feasibility of a study you have in mind and what the limiting factors might be.
It is good practice to use APA sixth edition writing standards: http://www.apastyle.org/








Reforestation is one of the processes that ensures the environment is restored to what it was like before the loss of the trees in the area (Crampton, 1995). This could be a forested area or around community land, where much of the trees have been cut down. In this case, the project will involve the reforestation of the Chippewa National Forest (National Forest F


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