Topic: Federal Goverment: The Declaration of Independence

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Topic: Federal Goverment: The Declaration of Independence


Please read the instruction carefully. The source have to be peer-reviewed academic journals.

A debate between Americans since the beginning of the Republic concerns isolationism versus interventionism. From the early colonists who enjoyed the isolation from the European powers they fled to isolationists in the modern day calling for the US to avoid entanglements in Syria, and point to failures in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, they believe the American government should focus on their own people, is strong enough to protect its own borders, and it should leave other countries to their own business. However, those arguing for a more internationally engaged United States and more international cooperation remind isolationists that leaving foreign policy completely alone undermines US security (e.g. The War of 1812, World War II and 9/11). How involved should the US be in international affairs? Do we have a moral obligation to leave other countries alone, or as the World`s Superpower, are we obliged to maintain international stability?
What are the pros and cons of either side?
What do the ideals and requirements of our founding documents - the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution - suggest our foreign policy should be?
Citing current events, possibly with historical contexts, identify how either approach could be useful and/or dangerous to US interests. 
The research criteria is 2-3 scholarly sources (articles from peer-reviewed academic journals), plus supplemental sources (from credible outlets) for current events and historical support for your position. Always identify your sources with both in the body of the text and with a formal citation at the end of your posting. The minimum writing requirement must be met and exceeded using your own words (do not include cited information in your word count).


Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Federal Government Isolationism Isolationism allows country to focus on self-advancement leading to an increase in internal peace and trade (Mariano 35). In addition to that, the isolationism approach enables a country to avoid deadly and costly wars and therefore the resources that would have been used fund wars are diverted to development pr


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