Topic: Expository Writing: Creativity, Psychological Underpinnings

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Topic: Expository Writing: Creativity, Psychological Underpinnings


1. Can reference the two articles (material provided)
2. Divided in to 5 part. Title + 3 body paragraph + conclusion.
3. Every main body paragraph shall use 2 quotes, each of them need 1 resource. 3 paragraphs in body, thus, every resources need to take 3 quotes, 6 quotes in this paper. Please notice, the two quotes from every body paragraph can not be in same resource. 
4. Starting paragraph should have a thesis statement, hook or etc.
5. every body paragraph should have 1 pages and few more. The structure is: 1 topic sentence, 2 intro to the quotes, 3 quote1, 4 citation, 5 describe the quotes (less than two sentences), 5 connection to topic sentence, 6 transition to next resource, 7 intro to the quotes, 8 quote2, 9 citation, 10 describe the quotes (less than two sentences), 11 connection to topic sentence, 12 connection between two quotes, 13 transition to next paragraph
6. The ratio between quotes and connection should be 1:3. Please notice, connections should be from your own thoughts, can`t repeat or summarize from the content of resources. 
7. resources: Jonathan Lethem pg.210 Martha Stout pg.419
8. My writing lever is normal, I`ll send a writing from myself, as a reference of level of writing. Anyway, don`t write it too perfect, it looks fake.
9. I`ll send a grading chart, PLEASE read this carefully, thanks a lot!
10. Attached files has: Topic requirement, grading chart, books, my essay.
And, please contact me immediately if something is unclear!



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Expository Writing


The experiences that an individual may have gone through during the early years of their lives may well be the determining factor of how they live their lives later when they are all grown up. According to Martha Stouts, through her many years of experience in psychology, telling on how normal an individual is, can be quite a difficult task. This is because the look or dressing cord of an individual cannot determine anything to do with their sanity. The author of the book Ecstasy of Influence, a plagiarism, Jonathan Lethem, tends to differ with a huge number of people on their understanding of the word creativity. To most people, creativity refers to originality. However, Jonathan is categorically clear that nothing is completely original, that everything has a source where the idea emerged. The final ideas may be different although their primary sources could be one. This paper looks at the two differing perspectives posed by these two authors, on creativity and its psychological underpinnings.


First, creativity is directly associated with one`s personal experiences. Adverse experiences that an individual goes through in their daily lives are likely to stick in the mind longer than the positive experiences would. At


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