Topic: Ethical Biography Assignment: Source of Personal Ethics

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Topic: Ethical Biography Assignment: Source of Personal Ethics


Ethical Autobiography
You probably already have an intuitive sense of professional ethics. Where did this come from? How do you make decisions about what is right and what is wrong? Where did you learn about ethical and unethical behavior? How have you learned, thus far, about appropriate and inappropriate professional behavior? What values do you hold in greatest esteem? How are these reflected in the APA ethics code (or not)? Is there a particular lens through which you view ethics (feminist ethics, relational ethics, deontological ethics, etc.)?
The purpose of this Assignment is to have you self-reflect about your personal ethics and where your ethical perspective originated. How does your background affect your current approach to professional ethics? What morals are important to you and where do they come from? How do these align with the APA code and professional standards? The more you understand your personal viewpoint, the better you will be at using it to develop and guide your professional ethical perspective. You may find that as you progress through the course, your perspective may change as you experience more, and as you hold conversations with colleagues. You may re-conceptualize and re-think your position; this is perfectly acceptable. You will have the opportunity to revisit this autobiography at the end of the course. For now, use the questions in the introduction to guide your reflection.
Assignment: 2- to 3-page paper
Reflect on your personal ethics.
Explore aspects of your background and worldview that influence your ethical thinking, including the following:
Have you identified any bias(es) in your worldview?
How do you think the bias(es) will influence your ethical decision making
What will you do to counteract the bias(es)?


Ethical Biography Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Introduction Ethics revolves around right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable behavior in society. It is about confirming to what is considered to be acceptable societal norms. Ethics is perceived into main perspectives which are personal and professional. Personal ethics are the norms that concern the self and are exercised at the individual level. Although they are dictated by society, often the decision making process is by a person. Personal ethics vary and are in most cases different depending on a person or a group of people. Professional ethics on the other hand is guided by a set of rules which aim at enhancing uniformity within a certain profession (Koch, 2011). For instance, doctors have a professio


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