Topic: ENG 2150 Spring 2017 Assignment 1: Critical Reflection

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Topic: ENG 2150 Spring 2017 Assignment 1: Critical Reflection


ENG 2150
Spring 2017
Assignment 1: Critical Reflection
Reflection is a process that promotes self-awareness and encourages self-assessment. Reflection allows one to
think critically about one’s ability to effectively get across content knowledge of the writer with its intended
audience. Generally, a reflective piece of writing includes 3 components: describe, examine, and articulate
learning. For this assignment, think back to an assignment you had and write a 5-7 page reflective paper on it.
You may keep the following questions in mind to guide your writing.
• Where was the assignment? Who was your audience?
• Did you have a choice for the topic or only 1 was given? Why did you choose that one if you had a
• Did you work alone?
• What was the process like? Describe the steps you followed.
• How did you do research if some were involved? How did you feel doing research?
• Describe how you felt as each point of that process. Why do you think you felt that way?
• What was your goal?
• What skills did you use most while you were gathering your material/research?
• Did you form any new assumptions that required you to change your approach? How so?
• Did you acquire any new skills by having to work to achieve this goal? What were they?
• What was the hardest part?
• Did you receive feedback on a draft? From whom? Was it useful? How? What did you change, if
anything, after you received feedback? How helpful was it?
Articulate Learning
• What did you learn from the topic? Why does this learning matter?
• What did you learn about the process of writing the paper? How will this benefit you in other
• What was the reaction of the intended audience? Do you believe it achieved its target?
• What would you do differently next time in a similar situation?
• What would need to happen next time to get your intended audience to understand more or behave
• Can you use any of the skills involved in other situations?


Reflective Essay






The assignment was in Flushing, Queens New York; a place that reminds me of home relative to the basic setup and even the cultural relevance of the area. In this case the paper was written with the class in mind, however, there was also the scholarly community in America along with the Chinese immigrants in the country. The focus on this group of audience is that these are people that can easily relate with the content (Nicolls, 2013). The Chinese immigrants for example, are persons that have been away from their country for some time. As such, they the most likely audience to understand the challenges of being in a foreign country. As for the scholars in America, this is a baseline paper that gives the experiences of a Chinese immigrants who is studying in the united states. it is these kinds of experiences that shape scholarly papers along with policy development among others. The last group in the case are the students in the class who I interact with on almost daily basis. By delving on the experiences, I have as a foreign student, this furthest increases the level of understanding among the students both immigrant and native. Each is able to understand the level of stru


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