Topic: Discussion Assignment 1: Present-Day Definition of Family

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Topic: Discussion Assignment 1: Present-Day Definition of Family


Required Discussion Activity One Instructions
“What is a Family?”
At this point you should have read Chapters One, Two and Four, downloaded and studied the PowerPoint presentations, viewed the video on folio, and taken
notes on all materials. You will need to do this before you continue with this Discussion Activity.
As you have seen, these opening chapters provide you with a basic starting point in our semester study of Sociology of Family. You should be familiar with the
definitions of marriage and family, the functions of marriage and the family, who is permitted to marry in the U.S., and the overall themes of the text.
Imagine that you have been hired by the Census Bureau to come up with a new, current-day, definition for “family.”
Your Manager tells you that you may consider the current Census definition:
“a group of two people or more (one of whom is the householder) related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together”
or a definition in a great Sociology textbook:
“a unit of two or more persons, of which one or more may be children who are related by blood, marriage, or affiliation, and who cooperate
economically and may share a common dwelling place.”
Or you may devise a brand new definition.
Discussion Questions:
1. What is your present-day definition of family?
2. Why did you make this choice?
Provide very specific reasons and examples to support your definition.
How to Post Your Answers
Post your Discussion Question Response (specifically answering the discussion question in your own words) in the Discussion area named Required Discussion
Activity One – What is a Family? by 11:59pm EST Friday of this Learning Module.
Each post should be a minimum of 300words in length and needs to be substantial, incorporating relevant sociological content. Refer to the Course Syllabus for
other specific guidelines.
In the subject line of the discussion, please state “Family Definition_ your last name”.
(Be sure to use the underscore as you see in this example). (Ex: Family Definition_Noone)
You cannot make up a Discussion Board post that you missed for any reason. A score of ZERO (0) - no partial credit - will be given to:
(1) Late submissions, or
(2) Answers that fall below the minimum word count


Discussion1: family
Present-day definition of family
There have been changes in the family structure with more unmarried/cohabiting people raising children together as are gay/lesbian couples. The present-day family consists of two or more individuals who are in a domestic relationship sharing a close bond, living in a household or living apart with or without children both biological and adopted. Most families are related by marriage, adoption and birth, but as people live together without formalizing their marriages or unions, the modern fami


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