Topic: Design the WSBC (White Sea and Baltic company) diversity strategy

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Topic: Design the WSBC (White Sea and Baltic company) diversity strategy


Design the WSBC (White Sea and Baltic company) diversity strategy

You have been asked to research and produce a report recommending a diversity strategy to the managers of WSBC. WSBC management supports the view that diversity strategy should influence the organisation`s most crucial long-term goals and objectives. With regards to diversity management the company has not implemented any systems and practices to support business objectives. A recent review of its HR approach reveals that effective diversity practices in terms of recruitment, promotion, communication, leadership and strategic thinking would create the space and circumstances for improving performance and productivity. The management recognises that engaging with diversity offers alternatives to traditional ways of working as embracing diversity is not only a moral obligation, but there is a sound business case for it. However, the management currently mainly focuses on issues covered by legislation and ignore the broader aspects of the business case, such as achieving organisational level change. Building on this argument the management has asked you to explore various diversity strategy avenues that they can follow to improve diversity strategy. 
To achieve this, you need to undertake research to explore whether a more strategic focus on diversity could allow the company to meet its strategic objectives. Therefore, the report should address the following areas:
Present and evaluate the key organisation diversity strategy goals and benefits, as well as to what extent diversity management could contribute towards achieving WSBC business objectives;

Analyse the role of WSBC line managers in encouraging and implementing workforce diversity;

Provide recommendations and suggestions as to how the management should improve existing diversity management practice and tackle any identified issues.

The report should address strategies that allow managers to become good employers in the context of having an increasingly complex and diverse workforce. It should identify how a diversity strategy could foster mutual respect and teamwork and help build better communities where members are judged by the quality of their character and their contributions.

Critically reviewing the key theories and practices around managing a diverse workplace is essential. This formal assessment will provide the opportunity for you to demonstrate analytical, conceptual and application skills in evaluating and dealing with complex issues in diversity management, and your ability to provide strategic recommendations and solutions to diversity issues. The assignment is written in report style and it will be important to develop the skills for writing a detailed business report, through study skills sessions and examination and consideration of how to produce a quality business report. 


Managing a Diverse Workforce

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Managing a Diverse Workforce

* Introduction

The advancements in technology and the growth of the global economy have brought people of the world together than before. Businesses and other entities are establishing approaches of better serving their constituents. This details the need to understand how to attract and retain the best and most qualified employees within an organization. Organizations that have the capacity to employ and develop the necessary procedures and policies to attract and retain the best and qualified employees maintain their competitive advantagein the market(Milliken et al, 2003, pg.36). In this case, to achieve success and maintain a competitive edge in the market, organizations need to draw on the most essential and significant resources that include skills and competency of the workforce. With the increasing richness of diversity within the global economy and in the workforce, organizations need to expand their outlook and incorporate strategies aimed at integrating the benefits of diversity in their operations. Employees are considerably better placed in providing these resources, an aspect that denotes the rationale for this study. This paper gives a research report that recommends an effective diversity strategy to the managers of WSBC. This ...

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