Topic: Describe the Degradation of Work: Social Division of Labour

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Topic: Describe the Degradation of Work: Social Division of Labour


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So in class resources 2+ and outside resource 2~3.
So about 4-5 sources.
I have find some quote, but its in Chinese. 
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Degradation of Work

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Degradation of Work

Human labor is used to create value out of commodities so as to accumulate capital, an idea behind capitalism. Capitalists revolve around expanding their capital through purchasing labor at the lowest possible price to add value to commodities which can then be sold at a higher price and earn a higher profit. Capitalists want to exploit labor for their benefit, minimize cost on labor and maximize output for higher profits. The idea of maximizing labor gave rise to the division of labor in the industrial revolution during the 18th century. The idea was proposed by, among others, Charles Babbage who argued that huge amount of labor could be saved by assigning workers specialized tasks. The capitalists further argued that it would take a short time and cost less to train a worker to accomplish a given task than training him or her to be fully skilled in the entire process of production. Capitalists have accumulated capital over the centuries through the division of labor. However, in the turn of 20th century, it is argued that division of labor has led to degradation of work, a position that this paper takes. Braverman has been instrumental in demonstrating this phenomenon by examining the antagonism that has arisen between the employers and the employees upon the realization by the workers that the employers were after exploiting them...

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