Topic: Describe Educational Privatization and School Choice

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Topic: Describe Educational Privatization and School Choice


Open Topic

I want to focus on the charter school, what is the difference between charter school and private school, what is the advantage and disadvantage of the charter school. For example, some people think the charter school can save tax dollar and give student more choice. After this, I think you need to find a specific school district, use online data to analyze the student`s achievement difference between the charter school and the public school or private school. 

I want this essay contains two part, the first part is talk about the charter school benefit and disadvantage; the second part looks like a case study. 

I upload the course syllabus and 2010 education annual privatization report, I suggest you download the most recent annual report that can help you understand the big picture.



Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc476957469 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc476957470 h 4Educational Privatization in the United States PAGEREF _Toc476957471 h 5Charter Schools and Reason for their Establishment PAGEREF _Toc476957472 h 7Comparing Charter Schools with Private and Other Public Schools PAGEREF _Toc476957473 h 9The Pros and Cons of Charter Schools PAGEREF _Toc476957474 h 13Pros of Charter Schools PAGEREF _Toc476957475 h 13Cons of Charter Schools PAGEREF _Toc476957476 h 16Performance of Charter Schools PAGEREF _Toc476957477 h 18Comparison of Performance Index between Charter and Public Schools PAGEREF _Toc476957478 h 19Florida State Comparisons PAGEREF _Toc476957479 h 20Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc476957480 h 23References PAGEREF _Toc476957481 h 25

Executive Summary

The privatization of the education sector in the United States has been on the upward trend since the ‘90s, with several programs in existence to finance the development of private and public schools. Charter schools emanated from public asset privatization and the need for alternative education. Charter schools are mostly public owned though some remain in the hands of the private sectors where parents and teachers make vital decisions concerning their administration. This study provides the reasons for the establishment of these charter schools, identified their d...

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