Topic: Describe Contributions Left Over By The Roman Civilization

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Topic: Describe Contributions Left Over By The Roman Civilization


Italian Civilization Class
Essay Prompt:
Step 1: First, from the book called “Sprezzatura: 50 ways Italian Genius Shaped the World” by Authors Peter D`Epiro and Mary Desmond Pinkowish. 
Read the following chapters starting with: 
Chapter 2: “The Roman Republic” pages 9 through page 14, 
then read Chapter 8: “The Roman Legacy of Law” from pages 53 through page 58, 
and finally Chapter 5: “Master Builders of the Ancient” from page 31 through page 37.
Step 2: Review the Two PowerPoints called “Roman Civilization” and “Roman Architecture”.
Step 3: Review the Word Document Lecture Notes. 
Step 4: Now in a two page essay, please describe some of the most consequential contributions left over by the Roman civilization, and how their legacy is still relevant today, particularly in the United States.
You are welcome to answer the essay question freely based on your knowledge of reading the Sprezzatura chapters indicated above, or information based on the PowerPoints and lecture notes. 
No sources are required but if it helps you can use Sprezzatura, the PowerPoints and the lecture notes as your sources but you don`t need into include a Work`s Cited page. If you use quotes from Sprezzatura as your source just include the page numbers in parenthesis.
Please follow these guidelines below:
Make sure to have strong topic sentences that clearly state the main idea that stimulates interest throughout your essay.
Make sure to have body and supporting sentences that are consistent development of the main idea that creates interest through details and varied sentence structure.
Make sure to have a concluding sentence by making sure it restates the main idea effectively.
Make sure your essay is well organized in that it flows logically and that it`s consistent with the topic and have a clear conclusion.
Notes from me the student:
After reading the chapters and reviewing the PowerPoints notes, in my personal opinion in regards to answering the essay question I think that many of the United States modern government institutions were influenced by the Roman civilization especially many of the architecture buildings and monuments in the United States. I just need help answering the essay thoroughly like the professor described in Step 4. 
For your consideration, I inserted photos of the pages from the readings as a Word Document attachment for each chapter and, I also included the PowerPoints on “Roman Civilization” and “Roman Architecture” as an attachment too and finally I included lecture notes in a word document attachment.
The 2 page essay has to be in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around. Thank you for your time.






Contributions Left Over by Roman Civilization

The United States` government system greatly borrows from the Romanian constitution. Words used in the Roman constitution such as the judiciary, representative, republic, legislature, vote, election, states, congress and veto among others constitute the U.S constitution. The overall government structure of the two nations resemble. Rome had a republican form of government with citizens electing their representatives. The U.S follows the same trend in the executive, le


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