Topic: Compares And Contrasts The Inter Relatedness Of Infants Temperament

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Topic: Compares And Contrasts The Inter Relatedness Of Infants Temperament


Infants and Social/Emotional Development

Instructions for the Written Assignment

Beginning with Chapter 6 in your text and after visiting the links below, write an essay (3-5 pages of writing + a reference page) that compares and contrasts the inter relatedness of infants’ temperament, attachment, and parental behavior that sets the tone for socioemotional well-being throughout childhood.

Benoit, D., & Madigan, S. (2010). Attachment Part Four: Caregiver and child influences on attachment.

( http://www.aboutkidshealth.ca/En/News/Series/Attachment/Pages/attachment-part-four-parent-and-child-influences-on-attachment.aspx) 

Colin, V. (1991). Infant Attachment: What We Know Now.


Allard, L., & Hunter, A. (2010). Understanding Temperament in Infants and Toddlers.)


Note: For all written assignments, please be sure to apply the assigned module readings, cite as needed throughout the writing as you apply the readings, and provide a reference page at the end. Always apply additional scholarly resources (at least two) (e.g., current journal articles; scholarly websites).

For all written assignments please follow this format to effectively organize and to ensure you have covered all criteria:

• Begin with an Introduction heading

• Create a subheading for each criteria from the directions

• End with a Conclusion heading

• Add a Reference page.

Your written assignments are intended to test your understanding of important concepts and discover how to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. They are also intended to provide opportunities to more fully describe, explain, and analyze your ideas. For assistance on finding Library Resources and Academic Integrity review the resources available to you.

Your assignment is expected to be well written using APA style and organized, with proper sentence structure, citations, and spellchecked. 

course : child development introductory 


Infants and Socio-Emotional Development
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Infants and Socio-Emotional Development
Early infant attachment is an important aspect that lays the foundation for a healthy child development. It is a basis for relating with others intimately‚ in addition to children and spouses. Infant’s temperament‚ refers to the activity level‚ adaptability‚ persistence‚ mood‚ withdrawal/ approach‚ intensity‚ and sensory threshold including distractibility (Gallitto, 2015). Attachment refers to persistent emotional bond, which is marked by the propensity to seek and preserve closeness to a certain figure‚ especially during stressful circumstances (Gembeck et al., 2015). Accordingly, this paper elaborates the similarities and differences of the inter relatedness of infants’ temperament‚ attachment‚ and the parental behavior that determines the character of the child’s socio- emotional well- being through his/ her childhood.
Attachment‚ Temperament‚ Parental Behavior and Child’s Socio-Emotional Well- Being
The way in which an infant is used to the response of the caregiver‚ in seasons of anguish‚ is one of the most essential factors in the significance progress of attachment. The theory that illustrates attachment shows that a rela


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