Topic: Chemistry Of The Human Body Research Assignment Paper

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Topic: Chemistry Of The Human Body Research Assignment Paper


Watch this vide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t0pbRlFyEg

After watching the video, share your ideas about the following based on your opinion:

  1. Any food products or chemicals that you or your family avoid. If so, why? If not, are you aware of anyone who does? Are these concerns valid, in your opinion?


Now, let’s apply what you have learned about the chemical basis of life from readings and your own research.  Answer the following questions. Of course, be sure to properly cite your resources.

2. Find an instance in the news where a drug, chemical additive, or preservative was recalled for health concerns. Share the name of the substance, the health concerns raised, whether the concerns are founded or unfounded, and describe how the substance disrupts the bodies physiology as a result of consumption.

3. Advertising in our food industry has morphed to accommodate many concerns people have with food sources, food additives, food processing, and ingredients. Examples include “gluten free” snacks, “free range” chicken, and many products claiming to be “organic”. Standards for such claims are loosely interpreted. Research this topic and choose one pertinent example. What are the potential health risks for your example? Is advertising accurate in describing your example’s benefits and risks?


Read the following questions and briefly describe your thoughts on the answer and how you come to that answer.

4. You are assisting an emergency department physician while she is examining a patient. The patient has suffered a knife wound to the upper-left quadrant. What organs are likely to be injured from this wound? What might be the outcome/risks for this patient?

5. Mr. Shepard had gone outside to shovel snow on a cold day. How does his body maintain a relatively constant body temperature? What is this process called? If Mr. Shepard is aged how does this change your answer? If Mr. Shepard’s toddler grandson joins him, would your answer change for him?

Answer the following:

6. Explain the difference between a saturated and an unsaturated fatty acid.


Chemistry of the Human body

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January 4, 2017

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1 Yes. We usually avoid food products with high sodium content, because sodium is one of the reasons why people suffer from stroke and high blood pressure. Some of my family members have a history of high blood pressure and we tend to avoid this to prevent any comp


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