Topic: Case Study One: Dismissing The Non-Compliant Patient

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Topic: Case Study One: Dismissing The Non-Compliant Patient


Case Study One: Dismissing the non-compliant patient.
Gwen, a 52 year old Caucasian LPN, recently joined your practice as a new patient. She currently has a BMI of 32, B/P of 142/88. Pulse is 89, Respiratory rate is 22, Pulse Ox is 96% on Room Air. She is taking Lisinopril 10mg po daily (when she can remember), Metformin 1000mg po BID and refuses lab work. Her physical exam is unremarkable and foot exam is normal. She refuses all vaccinations including Prevnar and Influenza. Gwen`s last mammogram and pap smear were “years ago.”
Post an explanation that addresses the following for the Case study you selected:
Identify and briefly summarize the case study you selected
Explain any legal implications for standard of care related to the case study you selected
Identify and explain the key components of a malpractice policy related to the case study you selected
Explain the collaborative agreements and knowledge the rules for your state in regards to NP practice the case study you selected
Reflect on how to approach the non-compliant patient and the importance of a separate preventive care visit.
Miller, K. P. (2013). The National Practitioner Data Bank: An Annual Update. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, (9)9, 576-580. 
Note: Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
Buppert, C. (2015). Risk Management. In Nurse Practitioner`s Business Practice and Legal Guide (5th ed.) (285 – 302). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.
This chapter reviews lawsuits, malpractice, the importance of working within practice guidelines, and explains the purpose of the National Practitioner Data Bank.


Clinical Challenges of a Nurse PractitionerNameInstitutional AffiliationDate

Summary of Case Study Selected

The case study that I selected is about Gwen who is a 52-year-old Caucasian LPN. She recently joined our practice as a new patient. She has BMI of 32, B/P of 142/88. The pulse rate of Gwen is 22, and the respiratory rate is 22, her pulse Ox is 96% on Room Air. She is observed to be taking Lisinopril of 10mg per day when she only remembers to do it. She also takes 1000mg of Metformin po BID, and she refuses lab work completely. Her physical examination is unremarkable, and her foot examination is normal. Gwen also refuses all the types of vaccination that include Prevnar and Influenza.

Legal Implications of the Case Study.

As a nurse practitioner, the legal implications that are related


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