Topic: Book Report Assignment: Lack Of Mentors

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Topic: Book Report Assignment: Lack Of Mentors


Write a book report on the follwing book:
Gurian, M (1996) The wonder of boys: What parents, mentors and educators can do to shape boys into exceptional men. NY: Jeremy P.
Select three case scenarios/behavioral issues that you found particularly insightful, or discuss the general subject matter of the book with emphasis on important aspects. Discuss the behavioral/psychiatric problems, precursors, stressors, resolutions, counseling techniques, treatment, impact on others. Address cultural issues if appropriate.
How has the insight gained through reading the book, or researching the subject matter, changed your attitude/understanding for adolescents with mental health issues and/or psychiatric problems?
How will this insight benefit you in your school nursing practice in working with adolescents?
Write a 3-4 page paper using APA format.
Share your opinion about the book and the insight you gained 


Book Report


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Book Report

In a fast changing world, the position of boys in this dynamic society is in peril. In a society where the nuclear family is in a state of disarray. Single mothers are the only family that boys have. They have limited role models and mentors to whom they can turn too in their quest to becoming men from boys. Gurian in his seminal book attempts to deconstruct the conundrum that is raising boys CITATION Gur96 l 1033 (Gurian, 1996). The book looks into the challenges that parents often face in attempting to raise young boys. The book also discusses how educators can contribute to raising boys. The books take special note of the impact educators have on raising boys. Educators spend increasing amounts of time with boys. Their ability to mold these boys cannot be underestimated.

Research has in the past decades noted the cavalier attitude with which issues affecting the boy child are handled CITATION Joh12 l 1033 (Chang’ach, 2012). Further to this, emerging social issues such as gender equality, feminism, single parenthood, girl child empowerment have changed the social landscape in relation to gender. However, there has been no concerted effort to reconstruct a society where the boy is capable of existing. The new paradigm is ineffective in providing a place in society for boys. The paper, therefore, seeks to evaluate the modern c...

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