Topic: Biological and Biomedical Sciences Paper: Acid and Base

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Topic: Biological and Biomedical Sciences Paper: Acid and Base


Double space , paraphrase the information. Essay in MLA writing . use the book Biology by Sylvia S. Mader 10- edition 2010 use cited / cited paper






Acid and Base

The scientific term acid refers to an ion or a molecule, which can donate a hydrogen that could be either a proton or a hydrogen ion. An acid additionally has an ability to form a covalent bond when it comes to contact with other pairs of electrons. In other words, one could define an acid as a solution, which has a high concentration of hydrogen ions. Hydrogen ions are responsible for making solutions to become acidic. On the other hands, the term base is a scientific term used in the chemistry branch to substances especially in aqueous solutions that have a slippery texture. The substances are also responsible for changing the color indicators such as the red litmus paper to blue. The additionally react with acidic solutions to form a base. The other name for bases is alkalis and they readily acce


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