Topic: Annotated Bibliography: Juvenile Incarceration In USA

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Topic: Annotated Bibliography: Juvenile Incarceration In USA


This Final project I prefer one and same writer to continue and completed the project.
This week
Select a controversial criminal justice issue for your Final Project and, in one paragraph, explain why you selected it.
Submit the selected issue to your Instructor for approval.
The Final Project consists of an annotated bibliography and a 4–5 page argument based on a criminal justice issue of your choosing. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to scholarly articles with a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph of the article (called an annotation). The annotation highlights the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the source cited. Once you complete the annotated bibliography, you develop a 4–5 page argument to support or oppose the criminal justice issue selected.
Select a controversial criminal justice issue. You may select one of the issues covered in the course or another issue of interest to you.
Use the Walden library to search for articles related to the criminal justice issue you selected.
Select five articles in support of your issue and five articles in opposition of your issue.
Review each article and write a 150–200 word annotation for each article (consider relevance, accuracy, and quality of the source of information).
Develop an argument for or against the selected criminal justice issue. (You must select one side of the issue and argue in support of the side you select.)
14–15 pages total for Final Project submission (10 pages of annotations, 4–5 page descriptive narrative synthesizing the articles you selected and justifying your argument). 
The 10 pages adding to after summit the seleted issues to instructor for approval


FINAL PROJECT: JUSTIFYING ARGUMENT Name: Institution: Date: Annotated Bibliography: Juvenile Incarceration In USA Matsuda K.N (2009) The Impact of Incarceration on Young Offenders: Irvine. University of California  Matsuda is an experienced scholar in criminal justice system in the USA and its corresponding impact it as on the offenders and the society at large. In this dissertation, she sought to find out how the judicial systems in America differentiate a juvenile from an adult when handling young offenders` cases and their corresponding impact on recidivism. She also finds out on what importation and deprivation factors predict the recommitment of young offenders and if there exist graded age differences that explain future behavior. In her study, he opines that the public favors youth incarceration for their crimes. The public opinion seems to be pegged on personal experiences that arise from recommitment after incarceration. The public opinion also seems to incline to the rehabilitation of juveniles rather than incarceration in adult facilities if they are found to be likely to avoid recommitment. The Deprivation Development Theory featured in this research posits that pro-youth incarceration is more likely to hinder the transition to adulthood and less likely to achieve the goal of recidivism. Piquero, A. R., & Steinberg, L. (2010). Public Preferences For Rehabilitation Versus Incarceration Of Juvenile Offen...

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