Topic: Analytical Process Writing Assignment: West Nile Virus

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Topic: Analytical Process Writing Assignment: West Nile Virus


Hello, this essay prompt if for my online english class. I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the state of california. This paper is for my english class. I`ve included the prompt, instructions and assignment notes. 
Think about a policy, rule, or time during your adult education or employment history, which your understanding of—or position on--an issue, event, or other topic changed. Be sure that the topic you are writing about is relevant, citations provided to support various information, and references provided. All items must follow APA Style.
Paragraph 1 = Introduction—include the thesis in its proper area.
Paragraph(s) 2 and 3 = Analyze the transition-how did it go from point to another
Paragraph(s) 4 and 5 = Identify related stages and steps,
Paragraph(s) 6 and 7= Explain possible causes and effects,
Paragraph Closing = Address the overall impact of the experience.
An APA paragraph is 4-6 complete sentences.
Use the APA 6th ed. [Available at the OWL Website —APA…section]
APA Coversheet Required 
Minimum of 5-paragraphs and no more than 9-paragraphs.
APA References page
Do not include questions in the final paper.
Do not use conjunctions to start sentences.
Do not include contractions.
Follow APA Style guidelines.


Analytical Process Essay – West Nile Virus

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February 27, 2017


Ever since I started my own career as a vocational nurse in California, I`ve never been this wary of the threats that mosquito-related diseases could bring. This is because of the fact that for most of the working hours that I spent in my profession, I`ve never encountered such cases that led to dire consequences, such as death. Because of this mindset, I`ve become lax when it comes to the precautions and warnings about these kinds of diseases that I learnt during my undergraduate years. This mindset even translated to my daily routine and led me to ignore those suggested practices that I learnt (e.g. throwing away stagnant water). However, as I heard the news f


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