Topic: An Argumentative Essay About Affirmative Action

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Topic: An Argumentative Essay About Affirmative Action


I need an argumentative essay about Affirmative Action.
APA format, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 4 pages, references,
in-text citation, no plagiarism.
The guidelines for the essay:
Part 1: Introduction and thesis statement
Part 2: Research or background information
Part 3: Body paragraphs
a. Topic Sentence
b. Fact (cite)
c. Example/Scenario
d. Explain how b and c prove a.
e. Restate your stance
Part 4: Counterargument
a. Present counterargument (opposing view)
b. Agree or disagree and restate stance
c. Provide fact and/or example to support your stance
d. Restate your stance
Part 5: Dr. Phil Moment
You may vent, share personal experiences, provide a solution, etc.
Part 6: Conclusion
a. Restate thesis statement
b. Restate supporting details
c. Closing remarks


Affirmative Action



Affirmative Action

According to Erman & Walton (2014), affirmative action refers to vigorous actions undertaken by the federal government to ensure that qualified people from minority groups are incorporated into jobs to which have been excluded from previously. It also involves securing slots for students from the minority groups in the best learning institutions in the land. To minority groups, affirmative action brings the light of equality, but it has elicited hot debate as to whether it should be upheld or uprooted. However, affirmative action is good because will improve the well-being and economy of Americans, remove stereotyping and helps in levelling the playground for all races.


Affirmative action is a product of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. It was intended to offer equal opportunities to the people from minority groups and women in both employment and education. President Kennedy became the first president of America to issue an executive order to the employers and educationists to ensure that minority groups were not discriminated when they applied for jobs or to study in any institution (Vaughn, 2015). Affirmative action initially focused on creating employment opportunities for the African Americans. It was followed by the colleges and universitie


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