Topic: America`s Promise: The Promises of Independence

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Topic: America`s Promise: The Promises of Independence


Your paper should make an argument and use evidence to support that argument. Your paper will be graded based on its argument, evidence, and writing. 
“America was promises,” wrote poet Archibald MacLeish in 1939. On the one hand, Americans have long insisted that their nation is built on promises such as freedom and equality; on the other hand, they have also criticized their nation for falling short of its promise. These two strands of thought—asserting that the nation embodies noble purposes, and simultaneously criticizing it for failing to attain its goals, or even engaging in outright hypocrisy by willfully violating its precepts—have often been twinned in American thought. 
Analyze one of the following documents. What claims does it make for America`s promise or opportunity? How does it criticize the nation for failing to attain its goals?
the source
John Winthrop, A Model of Christian Charity http://winthropsociety.com/doc_charity.php
Frederick Douglass, “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” http://teachingamericanhistory.org/library/document/what-to-the-slave-is-the-fourth-of-july/


America’s Promise
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The Promises of Independence
The attainment of American independence presented numerous promises and opportunities to its citizens. The biggest reason that led to the vast dedication by African Americans to fight for the country’s Independence was the promise of freedom and a better life, away from slavery. The African Americas believed that the source of their slavery was derived from the rule of the British colonial masters, and by attaining independence, slavery would come to an end and the blacks would live healthier and better lives like the white Americans (Teaching American History.Org, 2006). The end of British rule presented greater opportunities for freedom for the black slaves who had suffered a lot in the hands of the colonial masters. The urge to attain freedom increased the dedication by the blacks to lose their lives for a better future for the coming generations. During the colonial rule, most Americans believed that the English style of leadership was not the best for the country, since most of the resources benefited England. Thus, the attainment of independence implied a brighter future, characterized by rapid economic growth where all mem


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