Topic: African-Americans after the end of Civil War and First World War

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Topic: African-Americans after the end of Civil War and First World War


Your essay must be typed and no more than 750-1,000 words. There is no word minimum. Absolutely no outside research. This is a test of how well you have absorbed and synthesized lecture material, the reading from the textbook and the Major Problems book, and your discussions in recitation. You must use citations. You may use parenthetical citations. Your citation should always include the source and the page number. If you are citing lecture, use the lecture date. For example, if you are citing me, you can write at the end of the sentence (LEC, March 1). Major Problems should be cited as: (MP, 23). The textbook should be cited as: (PN, 100). These are just examples. The lecture date and page number will change with each citation. Answer all parts of the question. Put your name and your TA`s name and the day/time of your section at the top of your essay answer. Number your pages.

Think critically and write clearly. Make sure you have a thesis and that your paragraphs start with a topic sentence that advances your argument. Use evidence from lecture and reading. Do not rely on lengthy quotations. This essay is designed to showcase your ability to interpret historical evidence and synthesize material presented in various formats in class. We want to hear what you have to say! Do not try to include everything. We do not want a laundry list. There is no way that your answer will be totally comprehensive. The best answers will incorporate some of the primary documents from the Major Problems book.



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African-Americans Experiences with Citizenship and Belonging in the Decades amid the End of the Civil War and the End of First World War


President Calvin records that, "American must remain American.” Therefore, the impact of the end of the civil conflict together with the First World War on African-Americans remains to be particular among the military changes on the black community. The community acts to be the greatest movement that often overlooks at the episodes in the social privilege movement (LEC, March 1). Besides, the fierce struggle by Whites in dealing with African-Americas during the war was fundamentally altered by experiences of African-Americans during the conflict. During the war, the friendly relationship that exists amid the African American soldiers, colonial African and Asian troo


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