Topic: A Management Plan for the Asia Division for Kellogg Company

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Topic: A Management Plan for the Asia Division for Kellogg Company


Your assignment is to write a 3page paper (APA style not graded but recommended) not including a cover page and reference page(s) that are also required. In your assignment, you are to develop a management plan for the Asia division of a U.S. food company. This plan can be based on a real organization or one you plan to develop. You must cite a minimum of eight (8) sources in the body of your assignment and include your sources in your references. At least five (5) sources must have been found in the Touro Library in either the ProQuest Central or EBSCO Multi-source databases. In your management plan, explain and discuss the following:
1. Describe the company and the unit.
2. Discuss the company�s mission and its social responsibility. 3. What is the role of global manager in this company?
4. What is the current performance of this division within the company?
5. Describe your business strategy for Asia division.
6. Discuss the decision making model and negotiation method in this division.


A Management Plan for the Asia Division for Kellogg Company

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An Overview of Kellogg Company Structure and Asia Unit.

Kellogg is an American Multinational cooperation based in Michigan. The company was founded in 1906 by W.K Kellogg with the aim of providing nutritious breakfast. It produces cereal and snack foods under famous brands like Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, Cheez-it, Keebler, Rice Krispies, Pringles and the newly acquired Kashi brand. It manufactures its products in 18 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa and its products are marketed worldwide in over 180 nations. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE.

The strategy of the company is hinged on four pillars; win in breakfast; win where the consumer shops; be a global powerhouse in snacks; double the business` emerging market operations. In trying to fulfill their vision, the company has two divisions: the Kellogg North America and the Kellogg International. The latter has ventures across Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. The Asian division focuses on wholesome snack and cereal production and sale under brands such the Bran Flacks and All


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