Topic: A Critical Review of Ethnic Relations in the United States

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Topic: A Critical Review of Ethnic Relations in the United States


Your essay should engage our readings and critically examine the points and contributions these authors have made about American Ethnic Studies, social categorization, race, ethnicity, and national identity. A helpful tip as you write, is to examine how our readings might be in conversation with one another, how might they be in opposition, or how could the authors’ works augment one another.

Each student is required to submit a 3-page, double-spaced, document in 12-point Times New Roman Font with 1-inch margins that critically engages topics from our readings. Students should use academic voice and proper citation format. 

Make sure to cite your work appropriately and accurately. Many disciplines make use of Chicago Manual of Style, MLA or APA citation style. Feel free to use the citation style appropriate to your Major discipline or use the Chicago Manual of Style online guide for citation assistance: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html

You should be using our readings as resources, but it is alright to use outside sources, as long as they are all properly cited within your essay and in a works cited or bibliography at the end of the document. *Wikipedia is not a valid source of information to cite within academic work.

Prompt for Essay #1

Describe how race and ethnicity are social constructs as explained in our readings. How do these social constructions contribute in the access or denial of privilege in our dominant society? What are some recent instances of racial privilege you have seen in our news and media outlets (include web link and citations to any news articles you might include in your essay). 

Essays should be formatted in double-spaced documents with 12-point Times New Roman Font with 1-inch margins.

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American Ethnic Studies


A critical review of ethnic relations in the United States clearly reveals the fact that race is a social construct. What the element of race means, the features and characteristics that are attached to it and its classification (whether White, Black, or Asian), is not considered as primordial or static, but changeable and dynamic. Given this, it is important to understand that the meaning of race is conditioned on ways of shifting societal contexts (Pulido 810). This paper seeks to critically analyze the element of race and ethnicity as social constructs and the manner in which construction contributes to access or denial or privileges within the society.

Race and Ethnicity as Social Contracts

The notion of race as established in sociology and biology including the consequently outcomes related to the ascribed defiance’s on racism is viewed currently as an attempt that is used by the dominant white groups to protect their material interests, a view that can be proven through an example of the Southern plantation owners who heavily relied on slave labor in maximizing their profits during the pre-industrial era (Bridges et al 20). In this manner, the aspect of the


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