Jul 23, 2017

The World`s Most Ethical Companies

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The World`s Most Ethical Companies


Research the company Northern Trust Corporation to determine how it treats its consumers, the enviroment, and employees in an exceptional and morally praiseworthy manner. 1. determie at least (2) ways in which Northern Trust Corporation behaves in a morally responsible way toward each of the following: A) Consumers B) the enviroment C) employees 2) Predict the effect that these morally conscious decisions would have on the company`s bottom line. 3) Review the company`s policies from a critical perspective, and list at least two areas where the company could improve its treatment of consumers, the enviroment, or employees. Justify the response with specific examples.

The Northern Trust CorporationNameInstitutional AffiliationsThe Northern Trust CorporationIntroductionThe typical industry that Northern Trust Corporation belongs and operates is diverse and exceptionally wide. The region on which the company offers it many services is diverse and requires many processes. Thus, being of the most ethical companies in the world is a milestone that defines the pedigree of the company and its policies or management strategies. The important and essential thing that can be weighed in order to govern and offer support for management is the environment, consumers and above all its employees. Therefore, for a company of this magnitude and stature, it is important for its management to establish efficiency and collaboration of its many activities based on the development and support, (Banks, 2012). Essentially the development and creation of the company’s activities and processes of services it offers determines its interactivity with the outside or external world. Thus, to achieve the needed efficiency in performance and reallocation of services, it is essential to understand the consumers and services that are being offered.Moral StrategiesThese are the many essential practices that the management have expressed and devised to offer support to the community for its many services. Therefore, to raise the boundary and services needed in the company, the management and its many stakeholders devised different strategies of marketing and offering quality services. They include;a) ConsumersThese are the biggest users and the market of the company. Consumers form the foundation of the company and provide a platform through which the company should and can invest. Consumers of the company are many and are offered their services through a corporate customer care service. The services of their customer care are important and essential in developing a marketing and selling action of the company. They form the leading and outside edge for the company’s image. Thus, the essentials of the customer service team are readily informed of any demands and speeds up the notification of the company’s management. In the corporate, asset management, funding administration, investment management and fiduciary solutions industry, customer services are the necessary tools that any company requires in order to protect and offer support to a growing company. Therefore, the ability to offer services that are readily and equitable for worthy and qualified consumers, it is the stronghold of the company in this competitive industry, (Jackson, Sawyers & Jenkins, 2008).Another important strategy that the company has used in developing and offering support is the creation and implementation of community services. The incorporation of social activities in the company has raised it responsiveness towards funding different projects in the community for non-profit objectives of gains. As part of marketing strategies t...

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