The Theme of Escapism in the Play Glass Menagerie

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The Theme of Escapism in the Play Glass Menagerie

The theme of escapism in Glass Menagerie is used in two ways. Firstly, the escape from the real world truth and memories as demonstrated by Laura and Amanda hiding in their past and denying the present state of events. Secondly, other characters are featured escaping from their past dreams and memories into the real world. Tom, for instance, desires that he gets away with his past and live in the real world. It is common in today’s world to see people who spend all day watching films or playing computer games just because they do not want to face the reality. This usually happens after an abrupt change in their lives and especially after a tragedy. In the present world, most people are unable to accept their current situation and tend to keep their minds occupied in fantasies to avoid reality.

Glass Menagerie has portrayed how characters find difficulty in accepting the present day life challenges. For instances, Amanda is featured escaping by denying the fact that her daughter is crippled. She is therefore destined to failure and disappointment at the end. Later, she is forced to accept bitter reality of losing her family when Tom abandons her while Laura remains unmarried. Laura is seen escaping from imposing reality structures into an unrealistic world that she can keep perfect and control. In some parts of the Glass Menagerie, Laura is seen meditating the memories of freely working in the park and the Glass Menagerie. When her mother confronts her, she escapes by loudly playing music to keep away the argument. Both of them, however, do not see their present status. In the current world, most people crave for things and lifestyles that are beyond their economic and financial capabilities. They hence turn to watching fantasy movies and playing computer games to get a glimpse of such utopianism. This serves as an escape route from their real lives to a world of sheer fantasies.

Nowadays, life is encompassed of many challenges which people wish to escape from. These include hard economic times, heated political temperatures and constantly growing social problems. Most people and especially the young generation tend to engross themselves in watching movies and playing computer games to avoid these problems. Just like the characters portrayed in the play Glass Menagerie, people in the present world look for activities to keep themselves busy with to partially forget the real world. Movies and computer games serve as the perfect option of escaping from the reality. This is the most common form of escapism in the current world and is characterized by the high demand for fictional movies and games….”

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